Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Well everyone we have had a great week and i am so grateful that i get to serve with Elder Karjalinen and here in Prague and this is such a great blessing to be here on a mission. 

Everyday is worth it. Hard, good, bad, easy, fun, hot, cold, rain, or snow. Every single one has helped me grow and come to know my father in Heaven and that his plan is the Perfect one. These amazing blessing that I would never have know had i now gone on a mission. I am not perfect but i am trying and that is wonderful in Gods eyes. I want to invite you to do something this week that is KEEP TRYING and or START TRYING not just going with it but TRY. If you want to change sometime do what you can. If you want to repent and do better then DO IT. No one but you can stop you. That is what we know because we are children of God his sons and his daughter. He will help us overcome anything.

This is part of life to learn and to grow. That means we must keep trying. Forgive and forget. Dont be afraid to make mistakes and say sorry. Learn from them and let God lift you. It is after His "Amazing Grace."

We had so many great lessons with so many great people this last week if you could pray for Michal, monika, and martin. These are three investigators that are working towards baptism and all have the chance for amazing spiritual experiences coming up and so we will pray for them.

mám vás rad.

s laskou,
Starší Asay

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