Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So this week I wanted to make sure that I am staying focused and Working harder then ever. We have had some amazing experiences. I have been able to share my ponderizing verse to many over the course of this last week, it has helped me. We have had amazing lessons with amazing people. Over the course of the last couple weeks. we have been meeting with people who have been wanting and progressing towards baptism. They have really been doing wonderful. 

A highlight of this week was when my companion told me to be more personal in my conversations with people on the street. It really hit me that i had gotten into the mode of saying the same things over and over again. and I realized that I needed to be more personal so that people see what the message means and can do for all of us. So My thought this week is for you to, like the scriptures and president Monson share in General Conference, Let you light so shine so that everyone can see it. Make it meaningful and make it you. This is your chance to lift and encourage someone else that needs you and needs Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more in there lifes.

I love you all.
s laskou 
Starsi Asay

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