Tuesday, October 27, 2015


WOW I really am amazing how every six month we get Christmas or i mean General Conference. It is so awesome i have never had such an amazing experience. Truely going into Conference with a question is amazing. It helps me pay more attention and I am loving it. 

We had our amazing friend come to conference today and it was a wonderful experience for all of us. In our last lesson with him we heard his testimony and it was so wonderful and great. This is truly the Power of God helping him learn. He is doing so awesome. 

There have been some wonderful parts of this week. We had an exchange with some Elders that are doing awesome. We ran into a woman who is not a member but works of the Magazines for General Conference and has wanted to talk with missionaries for a long time but they were always talking with someone else or they wouldn't go up and talk to her. Well she does on a trip to prague for one day ends up hurting her tooth, ends up going to a dentist by our building and right after we stop her she goes wait are you Mormons? we said yes, and she told us her story. We gave her a tour of the building and she was so happy. we gave her a book of mormon and we exchanged contact. she wants to meet with missionaries there in her town.

Well we had so many more miracles and i have learned the importance of silence in lessons and letting the Spirit come and teach this week. There is a difference teaching with and without the spirit. We all member and missionaries must always strive to have the spirit with us. It is so worth it. and i know that with all my heart.

thank you for all that you do for me i love you all and hope you have a wonderful day.

s laskou
Starší Asay

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