Saturday, August 29, 2015

8-24-2015 Transferred to Praque letter to Mom and Dad

hey mom and Dad so today i have to go because it is not really my p day because i have p days on saturday now until the end of my mission. Well you see it is because Dad guessed right 4 months again and now i am in prague as an assistant to the president.

I will have p day on saturdays and so that is when i will right about everything crazy from the week. please if anyone asks let them know that i am alive and i have made it to Prague in one piece. The Cool part is now i have the chance to serve in both sides that i will miss the slovak side so much maybe i will get to go back a couple times before i head home.

Well i love you and will talk to you on saturday. I hope all is going well and so that you know Elder Karjalainen is my new companion and he is from finland. It is so awesome. He speaks czech and i speak slovak and sometimes we dont understand each other but then we can double check in english but i really want to just speak slovak this transfer with him so we will see how that goes maybe i will even speak slovak and czech by the time i get home.

I love you and miss you and will see you soon enough but for now i am lost in the work now in Prague, Czech Republic. I am healthy and strong and doing all i can to keep doing what the Lord wants and helping these people.

I love you one more time and will write on saturday. 

s laskou,
Starsi asay

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