Saturday, August 29, 2015


HOLY COW so this week was awesome we had some great lessons with less actives and with others all around. If i were to write them all it would take days.

Well we had a member come to us with some questions of anti stuff. We explained it and it turned into one of the most spiritual lessons i have ever had. We talked about Gods plan. It truely is wonderful. amazing infact. we are his children he is our heavenly father and he does have a plan for us to become like him. NOT MORE THEN HIM, but he does wish to give us all that he has. He will always be our father in heaven and he will always love us. It is on us to except it. 

Also i have learned the power of scriptures in lessons. When we read and use the scriptures, in a loving not bible bashing way, then the spirit is invited and there it will be. They are a powerful tool for our salvation and they can open the windows of our understanding.

One day we were talking to one man and he didnt have much interest but was listening to our message. That is when out of no where a man comes up and say i know the book of mormon is true. The other man then turned us to him and was like look he is your man. and left. We then came to find out that this man is a less active member that we had no contact, no address, no number, and we were in a place at a time that we normally are not and he was there. God works through us if we let him and if we ask him to help us. 

i know this is Gods church and that he has a plan 

s laskou 

Starsi asay

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