Saturday, August 29, 2015


So this week was good.

We had a great exchange with the trencin Elders. I did an interview for baptism and then the lessons we had on plan fell through so we continued on talking with people on the street. We decided to have our interview on the train back to bratislava and as we did the ticket checker checked our tickets and we talked with her for a bit. then she continued on and so did we, with the interview that is. She came back and we talked more and it continued like that until we were pulling into bratislava. We had just finished the interview when she came back for the last time and asked what we had on plan. We told her that we were going to buy some water and head home because it was 8 30. she was like oh well i have a 2 hour brake right now if you want to go for coffee. we took her up on that and got water instead of coffee dont worry. We sat and talked with her for a bit at the cafe on the second floor of the station. we testified of families and how we can always learn and grow. She then was like your right we need to always be open and learn because God will give us more. The clock came to 9 00 and we said good bye but she gave us her phone number and the other Elders will be calling this week to set up. Anyways so we taught her and still got home by 9 30 it was the best way to end an Exchange. 

We also had training this week and that was awesome. and i feel that this is exactly what was needed. I know that we came back and since training have been talking with everyone, and we've been trying to make sure that we not only have chosen once but everyday to do the Lords will. 

Everyone can talk to others about the Gospel its easy and it is such an amazing thing that if we let God do it, he will fill all of us with what we need to say and do. I love you all and thank you for everything.

s laskou

starsi Asay

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