Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hello Everyone,

So the libraries are still closed for the summer break so we are at a computer place. 

Anyways we had a great week and some great miracles. we had a man that we had lost contact with find us during our district lunch. We had all sat down and we were about to head out to just go grab something quick because we were late do to the fact that we were teaching someone. anyways he saw us walk in and recognized the back of Elder Garners head. He came over to us and was like hello my friends. We found out that he had had to switch phones and that is why we had no contact with him. We set up to meet that night and then we started teaching him again. He is looking for the Answers and for something to fill the hole that is missing in him. 

Also we had a woman come to church yesterday and that was really cool because she is so awesome and got to know the members really well. 

Anyways those were two really cool things this week. we have to go so we can get everything in before i have an interview with President McConkie. I hope that you are all healthy and strong and that you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the week ahead. I will write again on monday.

s laskou 

starsi asay

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