Saturday, August 29, 2015


So all the libraries, except one, in Bratislava have decided to close until the second week in August and so we are now emailing and i only have a couple of minutes again.

This week we had a fast and i had one of the greatest experiences i have ever had with fasting. I didnt see a vision or have something "big" happen but the peace i felt and the love i recieved for the Slovaks was real. Sometimes the things we need are not visions are physical answers to prayers but the feeling that God gives that mean more and surpass the words that men may say. We have been asked how can you believe that. I have also been asked do you really believe that. the thing is I DO BELIEVE. and i believe that one day i will come to such a knowledge of it that i no long have to say i believe but in fact i must proclaim the I know. 

I believe that There is more then we know and can comprahend here on earth. I know that God hears me and that Jesus Christ is the sone of God. He loves us and so does God. More then we know. This is his work and through Joseph smith they restored the truth in full. President Thomas s monson is our prophet and I know that God works with us today, and shows us his love.

s laskou
Starsi Asay

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