Saturday, August 29, 2015


we finally found a library that was open to day so it is a miracle that i am writing but i have to go fast because it closes in ten minutes.

We had some great success this week with a lot of things like game night and church. we had the most people i have ever seen at game night ( we had 3 games of chess, one of ping pong, one game with five players of rummy cube and then i was practicing my piano skills.) 

Church: a member mother that we work with,brought 4 of her 5 children to church and all of them loved it. They were having a wonderful time.

We also met with some awesome people that are so cool. 

This week i saw the Lords Help in slovakia we are down a lot of missionaries and dont have a ton coming in until after i leave. However, the Lords hand is here and we are working harder then ever. As Zone leader i get to call 3 of the 5 district leaders in slovakia and talk with them once ever other week, then the other two the next, and holy crap it is amazing i have never seen the work here move so fast it is so awesome to be a part of it. I am happier then i have every been.

thank you all for everything. I Hope you have a great week

s laskou

starsi asay.

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