Saturday, August 29, 2015

Pictures 8-29-2015

 here is a picture of my companion.

New missionaries that we got to take on a Prague walk

There is a recent convert that is basically a pro chef. It was so good.

Selfy with Elder Cottle Elder of the senior couple in Bratislava. He is great


Well for all you have that haven't noticed i am writing on a different day then usual. That is because i am now living in Prague and we have our p days on Saturday. 

I am an assistant and it is an awesome experience to be here and work in a different country and with Elder Karjalainen. He is from Finland. He is so awesome and he works hard so i couldn't have asked for a better comp. to close my mission because God always helps us exactly how we need it. I also get to see president a little more.

I know a lot of people that are returning home right now and i just want to say thank you for your examples to me you. you have been great examples to me and helped me with so many things.

I am learning thank i also understand Czech and people understand when i speak Slovak so it is awesome.

Well we have met with members and friends of the church. And we are doing everything we can to work hard and lose ourselves.

i love you all

s laskou 

Starsi Asay

8-24-2015 Transferred to Praque letter to Mom and Dad

hey mom and Dad so today i have to go because it is not really my p day because i have p days on saturday now until the end of my mission. Well you see it is because Dad guessed right 4 months again and now i am in prague as an assistant to the president.

I will have p day on saturdays and so that is when i will right about everything crazy from the week. please if anyone asks let them know that i am alive and i have made it to Prague in one piece. The Cool part is now i have the chance to serve in both sides that i will miss the slovak side so much maybe i will get to go back a couple times before i head home.

Well i love you and will talk to you on saturday. I hope all is going well and so that you know Elder Karjalainen is my new companion and he is from finland. It is so awesome. He speaks czech and i speak slovak and sometimes we dont understand each other but then we can double check in english but i really want to just speak slovak this transfer with him so we will see how that goes maybe i will even speak slovak and czech by the time i get home.

I love you and miss you and will see you soon enough but for now i am lost in the work now in Prague, Czech Republic. I am healthy and strong and doing all i can to keep doing what the Lord wants and helping these people.

I love you one more time and will write on saturday. 

s laskou,
Starsi asay


it seems like every week i am in a hurry but this week we have a baptism and came together really fast so we have to hurry and got to make it to the baptism. I am doing great. We had to travel a lot to return the rental car we had and then once again stayed the night in the Czech Republic with some other Elders. After that we had an exchange and I got to go with Elder Christensen who i came to the field with. He was my mtc companion from hurricane. We had a lot of fun together and works good it was great. Well i love you all and hope you had a wonderful week that was full of joy and health.
wish you all the best. and to all of you. Never give up. Always have faith do all you can. Then God can step in and he will step in. God will take care of the rest.
well got to go
i love you all
s laskou
Starsi Asay


Well i will be fast because we found a library but had some troubles getting to the computers and then we had slow ones and then we found the good ones so now we are writing.
So this week was really very interesting and i went through things i had never thought i would do on my mission such as, coming home from MLC our car stopped working so we looked at it in a small village off the free way and then had to call a tow truck. luckly the small village was just 33 kilameters away from a city with missionaries in it so we get a rental and spent the night with the Elders in trebič in the czech republic. It was an adventure and it was fun but then we drove home the next day and now we have to go back tomorrow so uvidime (We will see).
Well we also ran into our friend of the church today on the street and she asked us when can we meet, it was a cool switch and she is really excited so we will be meeting with her tomorrow.
Anyways we have some wonderful miracles here and i am so glad to be a part of it i hope that you are all happy and healthy.
s laskou

starší Asay


HOLY COW so this week was awesome we had some great lessons with less actives and with others all around. If i were to write them all it would take days.

Well we had a member come to us with some questions of anti stuff. We explained it and it turned into one of the most spiritual lessons i have ever had. We talked about Gods plan. It truely is wonderful. amazing infact. we are his children he is our heavenly father and he does have a plan for us to become like him. NOT MORE THEN HIM, but he does wish to give us all that he has. He will always be our father in heaven and he will always love us. It is on us to except it. 

Also i have learned the power of scriptures in lessons. When we read and use the scriptures, in a loving not bible bashing way, then the spirit is invited and there it will be. They are a powerful tool for our salvation and they can open the windows of our understanding.

One day we were talking to one man and he didnt have much interest but was listening to our message. That is when out of no where a man comes up and say i know the book of mormon is true. The other man then turned us to him and was like look he is your man. and left. We then came to find out that this man is a less active member that we had no contact, no address, no number, and we were in a place at a time that we normally are not and he was there. God works through us if we let him and if we ask him to help us. 

i know this is Gods church and that he has a plan 

s laskou 

Starsi asay


Hello Everyone,

So the libraries are still closed for the summer break so we are at a computer place. 

Anyways we had a great week and some great miracles. we had a man that we had lost contact with find us during our district lunch. We had all sat down and we were about to head out to just go grab something quick because we were late do to the fact that we were teaching someone. anyways he saw us walk in and recognized the back of Elder Garners head. He came over to us and was like hello my friends. We found out that he had had to switch phones and that is why we had no contact with him. We set up to meet that night and then we started teaching him again. He is looking for the Answers and for something to fill the hole that is missing in him. 

Also we had a woman come to church yesterday and that was really cool because she is so awesome and got to know the members really well. 

Anyways those were two really cool things this week. we have to go so we can get everything in before i have an interview with President McConkie. I hope that you are all healthy and strong and that you have had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the week ahead. I will write again on monday.

s laskou 

starsi asay


So all the libraries, except one, in Bratislava have decided to close until the second week in August and so we are now emailing and i only have a couple of minutes again.

This week we had a fast and i had one of the greatest experiences i have ever had with fasting. I didnt see a vision or have something "big" happen but the peace i felt and the love i recieved for the Slovaks was real. Sometimes the things we need are not visions are physical answers to prayers but the feeling that God gives that mean more and surpass the words that men may say. We have been asked how can you believe that. I have also been asked do you really believe that. the thing is I DO BELIEVE. and i believe that one day i will come to such a knowledge of it that i no long have to say i believe but in fact i must proclaim the I know. 

I believe that There is more then we know and can comprahend here on earth. I know that God hears me and that Jesus Christ is the sone of God. He loves us and so does God. More then we know. This is his work and through Joseph smith they restored the truth in full. President Thomas s monson is our prophet and I know that God works with us today, and shows us his love.

s laskou
Starsi Asay


we finally found a library that was open to day so it is a miracle that i am writing but i have to go fast because it closes in ten minutes.

We had some great success this week with a lot of things like game night and church. we had the most people i have ever seen at game night ( we had 3 games of chess, one of ping pong, one game with five players of rummy cube and then i was practicing my piano skills.) 

Church: a member mother that we work with,brought 4 of her 5 children to church and all of them loved it. They were having a wonderful time.

We also met with some awesome people that are so cool. 

This week i saw the Lords Help in slovakia we are down a lot of missionaries and dont have a ton coming in until after i leave. However, the Lords hand is here and we are working harder then ever. As Zone leader i get to call 3 of the 5 district leaders in slovakia and talk with them once ever other week, then the other two the next, and holy crap it is amazing i have never seen the work here move so fast it is so awesome to be a part of it. I am happier then i have every been.

thank you all for everything. I Hope you have a great week

s laskou

starsi asay.


So this week was good.

We had a great exchange with the trencin Elders. I did an interview for baptism and then the lessons we had on plan fell through so we continued on talking with people on the street. We decided to have our interview on the train back to bratislava and as we did the ticket checker checked our tickets and we talked with her for a bit. then she continued on and so did we, with the interview that is. She came back and we talked more and it continued like that until we were pulling into bratislava. We had just finished the interview when she came back for the last time and asked what we had on plan. We told her that we were going to buy some water and head home because it was 8 30. she was like oh well i have a 2 hour brake right now if you want to go for coffee. we took her up on that and got water instead of coffee dont worry. We sat and talked with her for a bit at the cafe on the second floor of the station. we testified of families and how we can always learn and grow. She then was like your right we need to always be open and learn because God will give us more. The clock came to 9 00 and we said good bye but she gave us her phone number and the other Elders will be calling this week to set up. Anyways so we taught her and still got home by 9 30 it was the best way to end an Exchange. 

We also had training this week and that was awesome. and i feel that this is exactly what was needed. I know that we came back and since training have been talking with everyone, and we've been trying to make sure that we not only have chosen once but everyday to do the Lords will. 

Everyone can talk to others about the Gospel its easy and it is such an amazing thing that if we let God do it, he will fill all of us with what we need to say and do. I love you all and thank you for everything.

s laskou

starsi Asay