Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Anyways we had a great week full of teaching. One miracle that i want to share with you is that of Richard. He is a man that we contacted last week and he is really cool. so we were going to the Store and had a about an Hour extra of P day time. Elder Garner was like we cool we can talk to people on our way then. so we did so. We run into one man and talk with him about prophets and he tells us his name is Richard and that he would like to hear a bit more. We set up for tuesday

Tuesday: We show up infront of tesco and he isnt there we wait and decide to call him. He answers and tells us he can't make it but he can in about an hour. so we go back have comp study and return and he came right on time. We headed back to our building and talked with him. as we started with a prayer and then we started setting expectations and the moment we said baptism he was like cool i want to get baptised. We were like... WOW!!! okay so we talked a bit more and found out that he wasn't baptised but is really all for it. We set a date with him and set up for this week and i am really excited for him.

We saw a lot of other miracles as well and while we were tracting this week one lady explained that she loves and that it is like a Drug to her to do geneology work. It was awesome she took our number gave us some cakes and said that she would call to get some help and maybe then she would have a change of heart and want to hear more about God as well. but she was happy and glad that we came.

anyways so here come the picture and that was two miracles of the week 

i love you all and thank you for everything.

s laskou

Starsi Asay

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