Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Anyways we had a great week full of teaching. One miracle that i want to share with you is that of Richard. He is a man that we contacted last week and he is really cool. so we were going to the Store and had a about an Hour extra of P day time. Elder Garner was like we cool we can talk to people on our way then. so we did so. We run into one man and talk with him about prophets and he tells us his name is Richard and that he would like to hear a bit more. We set up for tuesday

Tuesday: We show up infront of tesco and he isnt there we wait and decide to call him. He answers and tells us he can't make it but he can in about an hour. so we go back have comp study and return and he came right on time. We headed back to our building and talked with him. as we started with a prayer and then we started setting expectations and the moment we said baptism he was like cool i want to get baptised. We were like... WOW!!! okay so we talked a bit more and found out that he wasn't baptised but is really all for it. We set a date with him and set up for this week and i am really excited for him.

We saw a lot of other miracles as well and while we were tracting this week one lady explained that she loves and that it is like a Drug to her to do geneology work. It was awesome she took our number gave us some cakes and said that she would call to get some help and maybe then she would have a change of heart and want to hear more about God as well. but she was happy and glad that we came.

anyways so here come the picture and that was two miracles of the week 

i love you all and thank you for everything.

s laskou

Starsi Asay


Hello Everybody,

So i am still in Bratislava with Elder Garner and we are still Zone Leaders it is so awesome.

first i want to share an experience we had this last week with Family history. We were tracting and an old man came out and started talking to us we told him he had a really nice yard and he was like you want to come and see it. He continued to show us around and then he started asking us some questions. when he found out we were mormon he was like "you have that big history of names in your church." we were a little confused and then asked if he ment family history he said yes even i am in it. apperently he had been found by some relatives in america and i think they contacted him or something. It was cool to hear about he was really happy and even though in the end he didnt really want to hear about the message, he had been helped by family history and that was really cool to know. 

Anyways we had an amazing week it was like everyday was full of five or six different miracles i have had a hard time writing about them all in my journal. on tuesday we had a man walk up to us after we contacted and talked to one man. He was like your mormons right i have some questions for you. We showed him the building and sat down with him and talked about the restoration. we havent been able to meet again yet but we should be able to this next week. 

after that we were going to Peter Vaclav's house to teach him and on the tram ride there we started talking to a lady and she got off soon but then the man that took her place was like how are you where are you from and i talked with him for a bit while Elder Garner talked with some other people and by the time we get off a man that i hadn't heard talking was like good luck with you mission stuff here. it was so cool to see. then we had a great lesson and it was all so cool.

Every day after that was cool but i want to skip to friday we had our concert. It was awesome we had an investigator come and she loved it. She said that the moment she stepped in the could feel the spirit and that we were in the presence of God. She said that this is a happy place and she really loved being there. It is amazing how the spirit can help and comfort and heal people. She also said that when we were singing we had a light around us and she just loved it. I got to talk with her for a long time after and it was really cool. We have a meeting with her tomorrow so that will be awesome. 

anyways i have to go now and hope everyone had a chance to find you weapon of rebelion agains God and throw it down into that hole, because that will help you so much and it will help you be ready to make the choice to stay away from it even before that becomes an option

s laskou

Starsi Asay