Monday, June 15, 2015


So we only a few minutes and i left my camera at the church building so next week hopefully. 

Anyways we had a great week even though we had some lessons fall through we did teach and we had some amazing spiritual experience with people. We talked about the Anti Nephi Lehis with one member and she was talking about how they made the covenant and would have rather died the brake that promise with God and then we talked about them barying their weapons and she was like i have some that i should bary and we were like so do we okay so in the End we all had the commitment to pick at least one weapon of rebellion to against God to barry and so we are all working on that. I would give you that same commitment today. Read the story of the Anti Nephi Lehis it is a few chapters long and as your read apply what they did to yourself and pick you weapon and get ride of it. Dig the hole so deep that you can even imagine having to dig it back up, and throw it down there. you can do it I believe you can.

Anyways, we also had a lot of other great chances to share spiritual experience with people and that was cool but we are about to get kicked out of the Library so we have to go but have a wonderful day and i hope that this letter finds you in peace and health and Joy.

S laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. i know that my spelling is terrible... ..... ...... sorry. but i mean you get the drift. 

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