Monday, May 4, 2015


So this week I want to write really fast so that you all know what has been happening.

Man we had an amazing week of busyness (dont even know if thats a real word but o well.) 

We had an amazing training on thursday that was about teaching with members and explaining what Baptism is. Man it was a mind blower because it was so simple yet so amazingly life changing that it really helped me find a way to explain what baptism is before actually saying baptism. Baptism is a covenant with God. We talked about sometimes when we say baptism people think that we mean just coming into another church, other times it is something that their parents did for them. I am here to tell you that Baptism is a life changing thing and it is truely amazing that God has not only restored the way to Baptize but also his power to Baptize. These are truely amazing things.

Anyways we ended up having to do a lot of waiting at the building and for meeting and it seems like at the end Elder Garner said were not here to wait we are here to find and teach :) that was a mind blower for me. I mean i knew that but he just said it and it was a great powerful statement. However the Lord has a sense of humor and we ended up going to the Foreign police today to work on some visa stuff and we waited there for 4 hours, still have been able to get everything in but it is funny then we waited in longer then normal lines at the stores and everything as well and it was really funny. It made me laugh and i just looked to Elder Garner and told him oh man i know we are not here to wait but it seems like that is all we have done today. He was like no kidding. It was really funny, Him and I have a lot of things that are alike and i am so glad to get to serve with him. 

Also we got his drivers licence this week so now we get to drive for at least the next 40 days for exchanges and that will be really helpful so that we can get to the different cities faster. 

Next week we have an exchange with the assistents and then the next day one in trencin.

Anyways, also studied this morning and found something for you all. For me it jumped out as the secret to happiness and its that we are nothing. Mosiah 4 11 Not exactly that but that we need to rely on God and that he will lift us. We need to forget ourselves and that was it. He then talks about the blessing so the commitment this week is to read mosiah 4 it truely is great. 

anyways i love you all and hope you see the amazing miracles this week.

s laskou

Starší Asay

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