Tuesday, May 26, 2015


so i have all about 7 minutes sorry this will be quick. 

So this week was great i got to go on another, exchange with Elders in Nitra my second area and that was really cool i also got to see the new building there which is awesome and bigger and it is amazing that there has been so much growth and developement of the church there. I love seeing this church grow here it is amazing to me. 

Anyways on other news we will be having Elder Kearon here from the 70 this week and we get a training from him. We also will get a special one as leaders in prague on friday and we have an exchange with some elders tomorrow so we have a full week but it will be so much fun and so worth it. 

I want to let you know one thing that i have learned this week and that is to make goals and actually stick with them in the Goal section of Preach my Gospel it has an amazing quote. Please read it and then remember that making goals is not enough we have to stick to them. A goal not written down is just a dream. Make a goal that is important to you, it can be small, it can be simple, it can be to just be happy everyday, but make it make a plan for it and then stick to it. please i know that it will help you see growth in the Gospel and in your personal Life.

When life gets hard and you feel that Satan is working as hard as he can against you. remember that that means there is something amazing right around the corner that you need to be prepared for spiritually and physically and Satan is just trying to stop you. So kick him to the kurb, Pray and then act you will get help and an answer we just need to show that you will do all it takes to not only hold on but press on.

s laskou

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