Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The Spirit of God

To: Abbie Forsyth, Alan Assay, ALAN JULIE ASAY, April Erickson, Bailey Felsted, Brandon Erickson, Brat Fish, Brat zabriskie, Brett Habel, Bridger Thurston, Bridger Thurston, Cassidie Clayton, Charee Russell, Cody Clayton, Cori Davis, Daniel Bodily, Dean Cooper, Elisabeth Baird, Emi Wilson, Emma Wouters, Heather Erickson, Janee Warr, Janna Neville (DO), Jenny Baker, Jonah Slade, Julia Brown, Julia Brown, Justiz Valenzuela, Kaden Stewart, Kathryn Davis, Kathy, Kenna Willets, Kenneth Stocks, Kim Nelson, Leslie Barlow, Logan Frederickson, Mackenzie Fuchs, maddi jones, Marcy Hansen, Mariah Krauel, Mom Julie Asay, Paul Clark, Rachel Zander, Rakael Hinton, Samuel Utley, Savannah Seninger, Scott Griffiths, Sister Bryanna Karratti, Thomas Daniels, Thomas Walker, Toree Hafen, Toree Hafen, Trevor Mathews, Vanya Jones, Vicki Frame
OH MAN we have had a great week. Even though numbers may not show it, we talked with a lot of people and we even got to go to prague for a special training from president McConkie as leaders, it was so cool. I loved every second of it. 

We got to talk to this really cool women the other day who doesnt believe because she wants taught to believe in God. We talked with her for a bit and then i sat next to her and we shared a verse from the Book of Mormon with her. she excepted one and it was really cool. we are going to call her on wednesday and see when she can meet. She asked us lots of questions and by the end we were all really excited to meet again so hopefully she will have time sooner then later. we shared 2 nephi 2 13 i think it was about experienceing good and bad. It went really well.

WE also had a branch activity, it was like the picnics in the park and it was a lot of fun we played futball and had tones of food and it was awesome. 

I think the three highlights were these three things the training the picnic and the women we found.

It was truely a great week and i am so looking forward to another wonderful week. 

anyways hope you are all doing well and are healthy

s laskou

starší Asay

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