Monday, May 11, 2015


So this week i have run out of time but wanted to send pictures mostly so it works out. We had an exchange and i was back in trencin that was weird but so cool and we had another with the assistence to the president. Also the missionaries in Bratislava got a little time to talk with Elder Alder from the 3rd quoarm of the 70. It was so cool and we got to talk about what we need to grow and we got to ask him questions and it is just an amazing thing to be a missionary. He is a great elder and you can just tell that he loves it. 
The quick spiritual thought this week is this. You have a little LET IT SHINE. :) this is small and simple but it has a whole world of meaning. This week the commitment is to study christ and let him shine through you. Hold you light up and let it shine.
i love you all sorry its so short but we have to go so hope you are all well and know that i love you all. 
s laskou
Starší Asay

p.s. I had a wonderful call with my family this yesterday, first time with skype that was weird but so cool that we can do that now right :)

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