Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Happy easter to you.

I hope that you have all enjoyed easter and conference and everything i am half way there. We will be watching conference next weekend and i am so excited for what i have heard of it so far. I am sure it will be amazing conference is like chirstmas for missionaries it is great.

This week we didnt get to see our investigator enter the water of baptism but he does want to be baptized still just not quiet yet.

this week we got to see some amazing miracles come to pass from our leaders suggestion a talk that was perfect for someone až do talking with a man that has wanted to investigate our church for a long time. 

Sunday we had an easter meal with a member and some of her friends and we were able to talk about christ with them it was so great after we went tracting and found some great people for our english class. then we contacted a man that we had walked past earlier and he was like i was looking on your website for your church time i would really like to come and see how you work. we talked a little longer and exchanged numbers he is such a cool guy and speaks great english as well. It was a miracle and had we not contacted every house that we had on plan and talked to everyone that we did we may not have been there at the time he was there. It was so cool to see the Lord show us that he cares and really is putting people in our way i love it so much. 

thank you for every thing that you all do for me it is amazing and all of your examples i love you all and miss you 

s laskou

Starší asay

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