Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello everyone, 

This week I got to travel back to the far off land of zvolen and experience one best moments of my life. 

This is ondrej he was baptized this last saturday i had the chance to go back because I got to teach him all last transfer. I had some of the most amazing moments with this man and he is one of the best examples that i have of being a follower of christ. Even when he know he did not understand everything he know that baptism was the right thing and even though he was nervous he went through with it. 

I love this man and i would never give up my relationship with him for anything. 

This week was good i got to get used to my new area old city and let me tell you it is weird being back here. I love it and the members are excited that i am back and everything is great but it is weird to be back and i do miss the small towns. I dont know if i could ever live in New York or any big towns i just dont think it is me. I mean if the Lord tells me to okay great.

anyways Elder garner my new companion is a really hard worker and he helps me stay in line. I love it so much. High light so we got back from the baptism and i was like holy crap that was just way to fast i wish i could have stayed and starší Garner was just like well lets go to work and so we did. then we found a man and his family and exchanged numbers. that night we text us and asked if we could meet on sunday. we met and we are reading the bible in english together and teaching him. then we met with him today and we already have a meeting set up with him tomorrow morning. he is awesome. 

we have been working really hard and we have already seen a lot of blessings from it. it has only been a week.

anyways we have to go soon and i still have to write president McConkie so that is it for this week. 

s laskou 

starší Asay

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