Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4-13-2015 Zone Leader

So I am writing this letter from Bratislava old town. That is right I am back in Bratislava. My old district leader and i are now here and zone leaders. It is crazy and definatly not what i expected but i felt that I would return some time, and now here i am.

I Lord answers prays but not when you expect them. I know it is for the best though because this is part of the Lords plan so here i go again. 

General Conference was amazing and I loved everything that i understood. we had a wonderful time getting to watch part of it in Zvolen and part in Banska Bystrica and it was awesome. I loved every part of it and on sunday on our train ride to banska our investigator asked us a question and we told him to think about that and listen really closely to conference and guess what he got the answer he needed. I get to go back for his baptism this week end I am so excited.

I hope that you know that i love you all and miss you so much. I also would like you to know that I know God works in mysterious ways some times we dont understand but always his way is the best. I am really excited to get to help these people progress here back in my first city and that i get the chance to help every city i have been able to serve in. 

We saw so many miracles the last week of the transfer. We found that man a week ago that was looking for the church. Also last monday we talked to a women who wants to believe in Christ but has found it hard her whole life. He daughter lives in africa and was converted to christianity there, and she saw how it helped her daughter and she tries to live according to it. we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said that she wants to give it a try but that she will come to church when she is ready. we didnt exchange contact but that is okay with the Lords time and is his way she will come to the truth. 

We figured out general conference even though it took all day long. however we still got to watch it and it was in slovak on saturday and because they still didnt have it in slovak for sunday but they did have it in czech we got to watch that in czech and i understood a lot of it so that is good. 

well i love you all. I miss you. and i know that Lord will protect you. 

s laskou 

Starší Asay

p.s. Pictures tocome next week i forgot my card reader. 

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