Monday, March 30, 2015


I humbly start this letter with the most amazing event that i have seen on my mission. 

On the 29th of March 2015 in a special conference for the members and friends of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINT, taken place at Lazareska 12,as the members from all across slovakia gathered at 11 in the morning, Slovakia became its very own District. A District presidency was called and set apart and The Promise given in the blessing of slovakia by President Uchdorf was seen as being fulfilled. First the church was recognized, then the Book of Mormon was printed in Slovak and as of Sunday the church is growing towards wards and stakes that will be spread across slovakia. I got a front row seat. We had put a new row up front for the members but no one had moved there and members told us to go sit there so another Elder, Elder Brown, and I got front row seats. 

The spirit that filled the room as that anouncment was made was a strong as the moment the historical announcment of the Age change was made. Because both were from revolation of God. I did not know if i would see this happen on my mission but by the grace of God i have been given the chance to witness and live history. Tears were shed and songs and prays of praise were given. Talks of how we must strengthen on own testimonies and have positive thoughts, of how this means that there has been growth but also that there will continue to be growth as we work harder and more in unity together. This is the work of the Lord and NOTHING AND NO ONE can stop that. This I know. 

The rest of the week was good we had a training in bratislava we are got to travel a lot which unfortunately means that we had to spend time out of our area but it was okay and totally worth it. We will be having a baptism this Saturday. Our investigator had his interview at the conference and it all worked out. We are so excited for him he is truely amazing and wants to follow our Heavenly Fathers plan so bad. He is truely amazing and he has a lot of people that are really interested in how we baptize and they all want to come and see which is really cool.

Also we met a man that loves Mormons thanks to when he found out that we were mormons he shock our hands again and again thanking us. I was like WOW talk about the Spirit of Elijah This man was so awesome. he was just like thanks to you i found my grand grand grand grand grandfather. He was then interested in the Book of Mormon and we taught him about that and he said for sure he wanted to read it. he was really cool. Family history softens peoples hearts.

We had an amazing week and we finished it off with some great halusky. It was amazing so many miracles here, so many i can not count.

hope this finds you well. I love and miss you all.

s laskou

starší Asay


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