Monday, March 2, 2015


This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant believe that i am already writing again to you. We had a full week we had an amazing training on the book of mormon and got to watch Meet the Mormons it is such a great movie i am sure that there were so many people that know so much more about us. It was so great. 
We got to meet with our investigator twice and with a member a few times as well. We have a lot of lessons on plan for this next week and it is just amazing to be here. I would not rather be anywhere else. It is so amazing here. We had to travel a lot but we also had some great times. so there is so little I just wanted to close with this. 

The Book of Mormon is truely one of our greatest helps as missionaries and as members. We find solice, peace, relief, examples, heros, and strength from its pages. As we turn from one page to the next, God speaks to us and helps us as we look for the answers, as we act. 
My challenge this week is this. Always have a book of mormon with you, read it every chance you get instead of a magazine or another book or even the TV, carry that book of scripture. Maybe that means you have to buy a smaller one or that you actually might have to read a bit through the day. You will find more peace and Joy and love from God. Your testimony will grow and you will be prepared for next weeks challenge.
Prayer will help as you do this ask for another witness of the Book of Mormon that it is true and from God.
s laskou
Starší Asay

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