Monday, March 30, 2015


Titl: From a short song that Elder Brown wrote on his exchange this last week.

Anyways, back to this week. Where did this week go thinking about it now i dont really remember a lot of it.

We had another exchange and that was amazing. I got to work in Banska Bystrica with one of the Hardest working, happiest missionaries I know. Elder Garner is our district leader and he is a great Elder. We got to teach some great people including one man that was drunk and wanting to change. As well as the man that I found on last weeks exchange. He is a really cool guy. 

One the Train ride to Lučinec we talked an amazing couple and that was awesome because this man started telling us what he believes and it was really funny because he talked really fast but when we would repeat what we thought we understood back he was like exactly. he asked for our card even before we offered it and then he also left with a gospel of JesusChrist pamphlet. The couple was really cool and I am really glad that we got to spend about 45 minutes talking with them. In the End the man was like we just have to have hope through hard times. we argread and then told him that that hope can be found in Jesus Chirst. He was like exactly. as we got off the train we told him we were glad to have gotten to meet them and they said we were really glad you both came into our compartment as well. they were a really funny couple. 

Our investigator in Lučinec had just finished work and he asked us to come to him. So we went to his work and found a friend of his who he had given a copy of the Book of Mormon, a couple of weeks earlier we had given him a stack of copies of the Book of mormon and some cards, His friend had some questions and we were able to help him understand why we have the book of mormon and the Bible. It was cool and while one of us cooked with our investigator the other one was able to talk to this old gentleman. 

These were a couple really cool experiences this week but we really did have a lot of experiences helping people understand the Book of Mormon and why we have it. It helped my testimony and I hope that it helped them have an even stronger desire to learn from the Book of Mormon.

First Follow up: Who gave away their copy of the Book of mormon? Any miracles of testimony strengtheners? 

This week my challenge for you is to keep the faith and hope. Find that faith in Chirst and your hope will grow with the understanding of Gods plan for us and what Jesus Christ did for us.  

I love you all and hope you had a great week.

s laskou

Starší Asay

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