Monday, March 30, 2015

3-30-2015 Pictures

Zvolen Castle

 the MTC group back together. Sister Seningers last transfer she heads home in two weeks Scary that means i only have 6 months left. 

The City Center


I humbly start this letter with the most amazing event that i have seen on my mission. 

On the 29th of March 2015 in a special conference for the members and friends of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINT, taken place at Lazareska 12,as the members from all across slovakia gathered at 11 in the morning, Slovakia became its very own District. A District presidency was called and set apart and The Promise given in the blessing of slovakia by President Uchdorf was seen as being fulfilled. First the church was recognized, then the Book of Mormon was printed in Slovak and as of Sunday the church is growing towards wards and stakes that will be spread across slovakia. I got a front row seat. We had put a new row up front for the members but no one had moved there and members told us to go sit there so another Elder, Elder Brown, and I got front row seats. 

The spirit that filled the room as that anouncment was made was a strong as the moment the historical announcment of the Age change was made. Because both were from revolation of God. I did not know if i would see this happen on my mission but by the grace of God i have been given the chance to witness and live history. Tears were shed and songs and prays of praise were given. Talks of how we must strengthen on own testimonies and have positive thoughts, of how this means that there has been growth but also that there will continue to be growth as we work harder and more in unity together. This is the work of the Lord and NOTHING AND NO ONE can stop that. This I know. 

The rest of the week was good we had a training in bratislava we are got to travel a lot which unfortunately means that we had to spend time out of our area but it was okay and totally worth it. We will be having a baptism this Saturday. Our investigator had his interview at the conference and it all worked out. We are so excited for him he is truely amazing and wants to follow our Heavenly Fathers plan so bad. He is truely amazing and he has a lot of people that are really interested in how we baptize and they all want to come and see which is really cool.

Also we met a man that loves Mormons thanks to when he found out that we were mormons he shock our hands again and again thanking us. I was like WOW talk about the Spirit of Elijah This man was so awesome. he was just like thanks to you i found my grand grand grand grand grandfather. He was then interested in the Book of Mormon and we taught him about that and he said for sure he wanted to read it. he was really cool. Family history softens peoples hearts.

We had an amazing week and we finished it off with some great halusky. It was amazing so many miracles here, so many i can not count.

hope this finds you well. I love and miss you all.

s laskou

starší Asay



Well this week was great but a little strange. We have had a miracle filled week we got to meet with a less active that is having a lot of problems and we also had the chance to serve a lot.

We went and worked in a garden of an older man who is awesome and speaks slovak and English. He tells me to thank you Dad for making me learn how to work outside. When we were coming pack after service something had happened on the road and there were a lot of cars and trucks waiting a huge line but luckely we had a great bus driver that took us all on a little adventure/ Detour. Still made it home on time it was great.

Traveling the visit our investigator and while the other elders from Banska made the train we missed it but it all turned out great because we took the next one, taught him and made it back in time to meet with a member. On the train ride back we started talking with a man and he started talking about his life and how it is very hard he has had a lot of hard times with his family and everything but he does painting in cathidroles so that was realy cool to hear about. We started teaching him about the book of mormon and have way through the pictures in front he was like that is the kind of pictures i paint, The one of Alma Baptizing people, It hit me hard as a brick as soon as he said that that I hadent been teaching the man I had been teaching a lesson. He got up to us the WC and I just thought about what had just hit me. Soon her returned and I decided that it was time for me to listen and teach him by example. we opened up to a scripture about burdens being lightened by the Lord and shared that with him. The moment after he read that the spirit just filled the compartment. We gave him a book of mormon and he gave us his number to give to other Elders in the City he was headed to. It was a miracle and a learning moment for me.

Yesterday while tracting there was a man that let us in. He is an amazing man. He is old and had so much to tell us. Recently we have started putting letters in mail boxes saying that we will be coming on this day at this time and a little bit about us who we are and such and this man had read it. We talked about the restoration and about how God works and we heard some amazing Faith filled stories from him of his life through the war and how he remembered Hittler pulling out all the Jews, this man was not a jew, and how he lost family member after family member. It was amazing because when all was said and done he said in the End God was the only way i was able to make it through. I have never seen such faith in someone so strong. Hopefully we can go visit him again soon. He was so cool. and it really helped me think of what these people have gone through

We ment so many amazing people here and have been able to teach some amazing men and have excepted Baptismal Dates. We are working on getting an interview in line for our investigator who will be baptized on the 4 of April and he is willing to wake up and be on a train at 5 23 in the morning so that he can travel to Bratislava with us. He is so amazing. WE have an awesome training for slovakia members coming up and I can't wait. I will tell you more about that next week 

until then I hope all is well and that you know you are in my prayers, 

s laskou

Starší Asay

3-19-2015 Pictures

Elder Brown

Elder Brown Again

Elder Asay and Elder Brown


Titl: From a short song that Elder Brown wrote on his exchange this last week.

Anyways, back to this week. Where did this week go thinking about it now i dont really remember a lot of it.

We had another exchange and that was amazing. I got to work in Banska Bystrica with one of the Hardest working, happiest missionaries I know. Elder Garner is our district leader and he is a great Elder. We got to teach some great people including one man that was drunk and wanting to change. As well as the man that I found on last weeks exchange. He is a really cool guy. 

One the Train ride to Lučinec we talked an amazing couple and that was awesome because this man started telling us what he believes and it was really funny because he talked really fast but when we would repeat what we thought we understood back he was like exactly. he asked for our card even before we offered it and then he also left with a gospel of JesusChrist pamphlet. The couple was really cool and I am really glad that we got to spend about 45 minutes talking with them. In the End the man was like we just have to have hope through hard times. we argread and then told him that that hope can be found in Jesus Chirst. He was like exactly. as we got off the train we told him we were glad to have gotten to meet them and they said we were really glad you both came into our compartment as well. they were a really funny couple. 

Our investigator in Lučinec had just finished work and he asked us to come to him. So we went to his work and found a friend of his who he had given a copy of the Book of Mormon, a couple of weeks earlier we had given him a stack of copies of the Book of mormon and some cards, His friend had some questions and we were able to help him understand why we have the book of mormon and the Bible. It was cool and while one of us cooked with our investigator the other one was able to talk to this old gentleman. 

These were a couple really cool experiences this week but we really did have a lot of experiences helping people understand the Book of Mormon and why we have it. It helped my testimony and I hope that it helped them have an even stronger desire to learn from the Book of Mormon.

First Follow up: Who gave away their copy of the Book of mormon? Any miracles of testimony strengtheners? 

This week my challenge for you is to keep the faith and hope. Find that faith in Chirst and your hope will grow with the understanding of Gods plan for us and what Jesus Christ did for us.  

I love you all and hope you had a great week.

s laskou

Starší Asay



Things have been going great here we had exchanges this week so i got to spend a day in Banska Bystrica. On our way we talked to a girl on the train ride and I had asked her if she had talked with our friends before and she said yesterday they tried to talk to me on the street but i was really in a hurry. We then talked with her and she really liked it. we found out about her family and how important they are to her and it was really cool. Unfortunatly we didnt get to set up again or anything but she has our card and can give us a call whenever she has time. That was awesome, we talked to one man who had talked with missionaries before and as we talked with him he told us of his beliefs and was like, " I am just looking for the right way and who knows it may be yours. I then told him, " You wont know until you try hey?" He said yep and the other elders are meeting with him today so hopefully that goes great. 

While i was gone Elder Brown was on fire. We had 6 lessons on plan that day because the ones from the day before moved, and only one of the lessons fell through. In another one an investigator accepted to be baptized if he knows its true. It was so cool to hear about and i am so grateful for the hard work and everything that Elder Brown does he is such an amazing example for me. 
this week what has been on my mind the most is the converting power of the Book of Mormon. I have started reading the Liahona from 2011 about the Book of Mormon and it is amazing. I love it. I have felt the spirit very strong as i read and as we talk about it and us it on the street, in lessons, and in practice between Elder Brown and I. It is truely amazing and i love every bit of it. God truely speaks to us through that book of scripture. so here is part 2 of last weeks challenge. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? I hope you did last weeks thing because it will make it a lot easier to do this weeks thing. I challenge you to write your testimony in a book of mormon and give it to someone who is not a member or is stuggling to stay active in the church. bare testimony of it and talk about your experience with it this last week. I know it will help them and i know that it will help you as well.

s laskou 

Starší Asay

p.s. dont forget to pray about who to give the Book of Mormon to and what to write in it. God will help you know i mean he does know who is ready and he knows their hearts.     

Monday, March 2, 2015


This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant believe that i am already writing again to you. We had a full week we had an amazing training on the book of mormon and got to watch Meet the Mormons it is such a great movie i am sure that there were so many people that know so much more about us. It was so great. 
We got to meet with our investigator twice and with a member a few times as well. We have a lot of lessons on plan for this next week and it is just amazing to be here. I would not rather be anywhere else. It is so amazing here. We had to travel a lot but we also had some great times. so there is so little I just wanted to close with this. 

The Book of Mormon is truely one of our greatest helps as missionaries and as members. We find solice, peace, relief, examples, heros, and strength from its pages. As we turn from one page to the next, God speaks to us and helps us as we look for the answers, as we act. 
My challenge this week is this. Always have a book of mormon with you, read it every chance you get instead of a magazine or another book or even the TV, carry that book of scripture. Maybe that means you have to buy a smaller one or that you actually might have to read a bit through the day. You will find more peace and Joy and love from God. Your testimony will grow and you will be prepared for next weeks challenge.
Prayer will help as you do this ask for another witness of the Book of Mormon that it is true and from God.
s laskou
Starší Asay