Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Holy Cow not already. I have been with Elder mason already for 18 weeks holy crap. It will probably be the rest of my mission, or at least thats what we are saying. However i dont think that that is what will happen, I mean it is up to the Lord and where he needs us.

Anyways so last week we had an amazing oppurtunity to go to the castle in Bojnice and it was beautiful. That is the "Cinderella castle" of slovakia and it was really cool, but guess who forgot their camera and pictures of the castel at home today. Yep this Elder. 

Our investigator dropped us last week just for now. he says he is to busy right now so he wants to learn more but just not at this time. That was hard because he is so cool but with the Lords time and with his time and will. He will come to learn and the mean time he said he would still read and pray so hopefully he returns, he might even come to english.

We did have 14 people at church day though and it was awesome we had an investigator a man from england and members and it is the most i have ever seen there for church. It was so amazing and then the sisters had an investgator and her investigating son come the last little bit. It was really cool.

Down of this week. Ya that flu that is going around in america ya it is here to and i got it. so we were inside a lot this weekend but we were able to tract a little and go to church then i had to go home and sleep so the sleep was good and the fruit tea really helped and now i am feeling a lot better. 

so because of the sickness and moving our pday our week was a little crazy but i am really excited to get this last week going. Hopefully it will be our best and i hope i stay. the more I think about it the more i want to stay but uvidime ( We will see.)

well thats it for now next week will have pictures so hopefully that will be great.

s laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. Dont forget that prayer works and that God cares. Trust me he does. You know how i know Alma 5 45-46.

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