Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2-23-2015 Holy Crap Best Week Ever


Elder Brown is so awesome. he has been here all of 2 months and i swear he has NO FEAR. It is so cool. He is always happy and is more then willing to do anything. So GREAT. so many miracles and blessings and everything from monday all the way to today.

monday I got to meet all the members we had a group activity and i got to meet our investigator with a Baptismal Date. He is so cool.

Tuesday: waiting for a lesson and we call them and they say they will be 30 minutes late. So we decided to talk to some people. We started contacting and on our way back to our lesson we ran into a less active member. She said she had been praying to meet us in town. we invited her to teach with us and it was amazing she was able to understand and help us with all our investigators concerns and it was awesome because when we didnt understand that he was talking about tattoos she was able to help us out with that.

Wednesday: we had district meeting and got to teach a lot of people. 

Thursday:first full day of contacting. Oh man i love being able to talk and teach people about Christ on the street it is so wonderful. 

Friday: We had a great english class and we talked with one guy on the street that had so many questions. he didnt want to meet again but took a book of mormon and promised that he would read.

Saturday: we got to meet some amazing people at our lesson with our investigator that has a baptismal date. He is so cool and we got to talk with him about building our faith and that that is why we have the commandments. 

Sunday: I lead church service here and we had 3 investigators and 4 missionaries there. it turned out great and next week the members hopefully can make it. they were all sick this last week. I guess God wanted to give me a warm up. :) Thank goodness.

We have taught so much this last week and we continue to teach. It is amazing. I love it so much.

That is our week in a bundle. Remember that this is truely an amazing work and a glory and that it is something that we are all engaged in. I love you all and miss you. 

remember that anything is possible with God. The field is white EVERYWHERE! and dont let anyone tell you differently.

s laskou

starší Asay

remember that when you give yourself to God, He gives himself back. Prayer works and when we act God can answer.

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