Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2-16-2015 Zvolen Zvolen Zvolen

incase you didnt know i am now is Zvolen and It is such a big city. I am doing great just here in Zvolen now and it is a beautiful city with a huge castel and namestie and i love it already we have a great apartment and i get to spend elder Howels ( my new companions old companion.) last day in slovakia and before her goes to praha and home after that so. My new companion is elder Brown and he is an awesome elder that as far as i have seen loves missionary work. He has only been here for 9 weeks so i am follow-up training him. 

My last week in trencin was great. I got to sit in and gave a blessing in slovak to the sisters family that they teach and we had a great lesson with the family that we were teaching.

1 The Family that we taught. We had a great lesson with them. We shared the scripture in 3 nefi where Christ talks about praying as a family. We then gave them little cards with the pattern of prayer and a picture of christ praying in the back ground. After we finished playing a game, because we teach them like family home evening, the father was like so we are going to pray together now right? So we did and his Daughter said an amazing prayer. I thought it is so great. 

2. We had a homeless man come up to us last week asking how he needs to change. We told him that he can change by reading the Book of Mormon and applying what he learns. We testified that that will help him and teh next day guess what. We saw him and another homeless man picking up trash and through it away. It was so cool and humbling. The truth can change people thats why we are here. 

That is just two of the many miracles this which was my last week in trencin. I love that city and i will learn to love every city because the elect are everywhere.

s laskou

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