Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2-23-2015 Holy Crap Best Week Ever


Elder Brown is so awesome. he has been here all of 2 months and i swear he has NO FEAR. It is so cool. He is always happy and is more then willing to do anything. So GREAT. so many miracles and blessings and everything from monday all the way to today.

monday I got to meet all the members we had a group activity and i got to meet our investigator with a Baptismal Date. He is so cool.

Tuesday: waiting for a lesson and we call them and they say they will be 30 minutes late. So we decided to talk to some people. We started contacting and on our way back to our lesson we ran into a less active member. She said she had been praying to meet us in town. we invited her to teach with us and it was amazing she was able to understand and help us with all our investigators concerns and it was awesome because when we didnt understand that he was talking about tattoos she was able to help us out with that.

Wednesday: we had district meeting and got to teach a lot of people. 

Thursday:first full day of contacting. Oh man i love being able to talk and teach people about Christ on the street it is so wonderful. 

Friday: We had a great english class and we talked with one guy on the street that had so many questions. he didnt want to meet again but took a book of mormon and promised that he would read.

Saturday: we got to meet some amazing people at our lesson with our investigator that has a baptismal date. He is so cool and we got to talk with him about building our faith and that that is why we have the commandments. 

Sunday: I lead church service here and we had 3 investigators and 4 missionaries there. it turned out great and next week the members hopefully can make it. they were all sick this last week. I guess God wanted to give me a warm up. :) Thank goodness.

We have taught so much this last week and we continue to teach. It is amazing. I love it so much.

That is our week in a bundle. Remember that this is truely an amazing work and a glory and that it is something that we are all engaged in. I love you all and miss you. 

remember that anything is possible with God. The field is white EVERYWHERE! and dont let anyone tell you differently.

s laskou

starší Asay

remember that when you give yourself to God, He gives himself back. Prayer works and when we act God can answer.

Pictures 2-16-2015


Bojnice Look at it I mean it is Huge

Elder Mason and I at a Cultural Event

Traditional Slovak clothing

Trencin Branch

One more Miracle 2-16-2015

i took an hour train up north and then had to get on another to the South for an hour and a half but i got to teach a family and a young man that lives here on the way of who we are and why we are here. It was awesome and the travel went great. After the finished asking questions we talked about the culture and history. Not only that but they all helped me get all my three bags off the train. They are so cool, and so helpful. Mom you dont have to worry about me here the people are wonderful. 

2-16-2015 Zvolen Zvolen Zvolen

incase you didnt know i am now is Zvolen and It is such a big city. I am doing great just here in Zvolen now and it is a beautiful city with a huge castel and namestie and i love it already we have a great apartment and i get to spend elder Howels ( my new companions old companion.) last day in slovakia and before her goes to praha and home after that so. My new companion is elder Brown and he is an awesome elder that as far as i have seen loves missionary work. He has only been here for 9 weeks so i am follow-up training him. 

My last week in trencin was great. I got to sit in and gave a blessing in slovak to the sisters family that they teach and we had a great lesson with the family that we were teaching.

1 The Family that we taught. We had a great lesson with them. We shared the scripture in 3 nefi where Christ talks about praying as a family. We then gave them little cards with the pattern of prayer and a picture of christ praying in the back ground. After we finished playing a game, because we teach them like family home evening, the father was like so we are going to pray together now right? So we did and his Daughter said an amazing prayer. I thought it is so great. 

2. We had a homeless man come up to us last week asking how he needs to change. We told him that he can change by reading the Book of Mormon and applying what he learns. We testified that that will help him and teh next day guess what. We saw him and another homeless man picking up trash and through it away. It was so cool and humbling. The truth can change people thats why we are here. 

That is just two of the many miracles this which was my last week in trencin. I love that city and i will learn to love every city because the elect are everywhere.

s laskou

Starší Asay


Holy Cow not already. I have been with Elder mason already for 18 weeks holy crap. It will probably be the rest of my mission, or at least thats what we are saying. However i dont think that that is what will happen, I mean it is up to the Lord and where he needs us.

Anyways so last week we had an amazing oppurtunity to go to the castle in Bojnice and it was beautiful. That is the "Cinderella castle" of slovakia and it was really cool, but guess who forgot their camera and pictures of the castel at home today. Yep this Elder. 

Our investigator dropped us last week just for now. he says he is to busy right now so he wants to learn more but just not at this time. That was hard because he is so cool but with the Lords time and with his time and will. He will come to learn and the mean time he said he would still read and pray so hopefully he returns, he might even come to english.

We did have 14 people at church day though and it was awesome we had an investigator a man from england and members and it is the most i have ever seen there for church. It was so amazing and then the sisters had an investgator and her investigating son come the last little bit. It was really cool.

Down of this week. Ya that flu that is going around in america ya it is here to and i got it. so we were inside a lot this weekend but we were able to tract a little and go to church then i had to go home and sleep so the sleep was good and the fruit tea really helped and now i am feeling a lot better. 

so because of the sickness and moving our pday our week was a little crazy but i am really excited to get this last week going. Hopefully it will be our best and i hope i stay. the more I think about it the more i want to stay but uvidime ( We will see.)

well thats it for now next week will have pictures so hopefully that will be great.

s laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. Dont forget that prayer works and that God cares. Trust me he does. You know how i know Alma 5 45-46.

Monday, February 2, 2015

2-2-2015 with Pictures

This week i want to share four of the innumerable miracles we have had

tuesday: We had a concert this last week and we only had 6 people come. two members came, one of which shared her amazing testimony about repentence and changes the entire spirit of the concert to the better. and another person, a man of who we have been trying to meet with and get back in contact with. The sisters had seen him a couple days before and invited him. As well as we sent him a text message about it. he came and told us that he was having a hard time in life. I was able to share with him afterward the story of alma and his people, how God lifted thier burdens and eventually they were free, and that really helped him. It turned out better then i could have thought.

Thursday: We had an amazing lesson with the man i told you about last week. We taught him of the Plan of salvation and he asked us about how we know and believe that the end is heaven and hell or paradise and prison. He asked us how we can know and we gave him a pamphlate and read 1 corintians about the glory of the kingdoms. and he was like. That is awesome that you believe it and you can back it up with scripture. It was not Bible bashing but he truely wanted to know where he could find it and we showed him and it was enough. He is so cool and hopefully when we talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ he will understand the need and the desire for baptism and will except a date. He is so awesome.

Friday: We passed our appartment inspections. :)

Sunday: We had an investigator come to church and so did the sisters who hadnt been able to teach this man that came for over 3 weeks, they were able to meet with him and have a great short lesson after sacrament meeting.

These are truelly amazing things and people are coming closer to God it is truely amazing. I love it here and would not rather be anywhere else. 

well thats it for this week.

To all those who lost a friend in Scott Jones this week. I wish for you to know that God has a plan. That i will miss him as well, but that the thing i remember most of him was he was always happy, and i know that he wants you to be happy and will be helping others come unto Christ and be happier then they ever have in the world he resides. He is willing to help all those around him. I miss him but i know that we will see him again along with all those others have we have lost resentally and long ago. God has a plan and it is PERFECT.

S laskou

Starší Asay

all gone
SNOW !!!!!
Oh what a beautiful Morning