Thursday, January 15, 2015


It is finally here Vianoce, and i have really had quite the insite into this Christmas on how commercial it truely can become if you let it. With giving gifts and family it is wonderful but really we can't afford to let christ out of christmas. I have learned this year of how this time is not just a time to think of his birth but his life and why his birth was important.

We had a training this week and at the training we talked about the Pastieri( Shepards.) How there must have been majors and high city officials in Bethlahem, yet it was the shepards who were visited by the angels and then because the joy of the Anjeli v nebesiach, the heavens were opened and there were concorses of angels singing. He compared that to how we can be about the Gospel so full of Joy that Christ is really that we littereally can not help ourselves from sharing the Gospel. We also talk about how they represent us and how we are all invite to come unto christ and then when we find him our joy is full and we can help but be like the shepards and share the Gospel (Good news.) 

This is my commitment to you read the story of Chirst starting in Luke one to matthew 1 to luke 2 to matthew 2 and then read 3 nephi chapter 1 and then pray for the joy and Go and share they Gospel with someone, be like the shepards and let yourself be filled.

Our week was good and this week will be better i will be emailing all of you on monday again next week so let it be. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and rest of the year it will be a good one and next year will be even better. :) Merry Christmas.

Remember Christ understands you perfectly and God listens to your prayers so talk to him more you will get a better vzťah s nemu. 

s laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. i will send pictures of our appartment next week. 

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