Thursday, January 15, 2015


So here in the Czech Slovak mission we have 9 week transfers. This last week marked the end of another transfer. 

so with all do respect I wish to inform you that i am now writing to you from.......... TRENCIN still as the district leader :)
And my companion is now... Elder MASON :) 
 Yep thats right we get to stay together for another 9 week, i am so glad to because I think he is awesome and i am glad we dont have to split of move or anything.

Oh and the sisters here in trencin are staying as well. Is crazy it isn't often that an entire district stays together. We have an amazing chance here. :) 

We have Christmas next week and all the members are so greatful that we are all staying. With having to get used to new missionaries last transfer and it being close to Christmas, they were all like President McConkie is a smart man, he is a very smart man, that was a good choice. :)

This last week was great we had a lot of success with tracting we had an older couple let us in and we shared our message, They didnt have very much interest in learning more but they offered us some food, so we eat a little and as we are eating their son walks in with his young family, The Older man cleared off the table including the book of mormon we had just given him and we were like well we dont want to both you. They said no dont worry sit down eat, and the rest of the family came in and joined us. The Son Picked up the Book of Mormon and started looking through it. a little while latter he asked oh are you mormons, we said yes we are and we told him we were missionaries and then talked about how we were called to serve in Slovakia. We soon left but the Book of Mormon stayed. I think one of the reasons were were taken there was because of that younger family. unfortunately we didnt exchange numbers but we did have the chance to talk and we might go back with a christmas visit. :) I love being here. I love the people. I love the spirit that i feel when i testify. I love the food, and I love the work that we get to go and talk about our Saviour Jesus Christ All day with people. I would not change it. 

well thats my week in a nut shell kinda, hope you are all health and well.

remember that God ALWAYS wants to hear from you through prayer and he loves you more then you can ever know. I love you all. 

s laskou

starší Asay

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