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The story of the Velvet Revolution continues.

Twenty-five years ago today the Communist leadership of 
Czechoslovakia announced its mass resignation. Although other issues 
necessary to the orderly transfer of power would still need to be 
negotiated by and between the leaders of the revolution and the 
Communist regime, the resignation marked the effective end of one 
party rule in Czechoslovakia. Communism died just as democracy was 

The events of November 24, 1989 were both moving and dramatic. The 
face of the revolution was Vaclav Havel, a playwright who had long been 
openly critical of the Communist regime. Havel was Czech and, although 
able to generate large crowds in support of democracy, he knew that 
something extra was needed to unite both Czechs and Slovaks against 
the regime. That something was Alexander Dubcek.

Dubcek was a former president of Czechoslovakia removed from power 
in 1968 during the Prague Spring invasion by the Soviet army. Dubcek 
had initiated reforms intended to increase freedom of expression and 
travel. The Soviet reaction was swift and harsh. In the years following 
his removal from office he had remained a popular and influential 

Havel sent a small group to Bratislava to find Dubcek. A Slovak, Dubcek 
had been returned to Bratislava in 1968 where he worked as an officer in 
the Czechoslovak national forest service. Havel's representatives 
convinced Dubcek to lend his support to the growing revolution and 
then quietly delivered him to Prague on the afternoon of November 24, 

As the growing crowd of revolutionaries gathered that afternoon on 
Wenceslas Square, they had no idea what lay in store. Havel carefully 
and secretly moved Dubcek through the back streets of Prague from the 
Magic Lantern Theater to a building on Wenceslas Square where he and 
the other leaders of the revolution spoke to and sang with the large 
crowds that had gathered in the afternoons following the student 
uprising in Prague on November 17th.

After the usual course of speakers and singers, Havel made a final 
introduction. He announced to the crowd that Dubcek had come to 
speak with them. The announcement was met with chants of "Dubcek! 
Dubcek! Dubcek!" The chants were said to be so loud that they were 
heard by the Communist leadership high on the hill in Prague 
Castle. The message of the revolutionaries was clear, "We are all united 
in our demands. Give us freedom now!"

Later that evening, Havel and Dubcek held a press conference at the 
Magic Lantern. About half way through the conference, word came 
from the Castle that the Communist leadership had resigned.

The crowd that gathered on November 25th was too large for even 
Wenceslas Square. Some 800,000 people gathered in Letna Park just 
next to the mission home too celebrate and make certain that the 
transition to freedom would continue to move quickly forward.

That is some of the history of these two great Countries.

Ahoj once again :)

This last week was great we got to take to a lot more people on the streets and we had an amazing training.

When we were on our way home we went into an empty compartment on the train and right before the sisters came in a man asked if he could join us. We were like of course. We talked with him a while and he was way awesome. We got to know him and what he was like. we told him that we were missionaries and eventually we started talking about the church. It was awesome he was like i really have a tone of interest in this kind of stuff. We left him with a Book of mormon and he promised that he would read it and maybe even meet with the missionaries in Kosice. He was such a cool guy i hope he calls them.

another miracle, we were doing a singing display and a girl comes up to us and just stands infront of us listening to us sing. My Companion was out talking with other people already so when the song ended i started talking to her. we talked for a little bit and then we sang again for her we closed with i am a child of God and she loved it we told her about our concert and she gave us her number right there it was so cool. 

The Lord is in the Work and this is an AMAZING and GLORIES work to bring to pass the imortality and eternal life of men. I would not rather be anywhere else I LOVE IT HERE

hope all is well and that you have enjoyed your week and another great one comes to follow

s laskou

Starší Asay

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