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11-17-2014 A little History for you

Twenty-five years ago today (November 17, 1989), a 
large group of students gathered near the Vysehrad
Castle in southern Prague. There is a small but well 
known cemetery near the castle where many famous 
Czechs have been buried. The publicly stated purpose 
for the gathering, and the only reason the gathering 
was allowed by the Communist government, was for 
the students to commemorate the death of a student 
killed during World War II during the Nazi 
occupation. The students, however, had planned 
something more.

Early in the afternoon, the students walked up the 
Vltava river to the National Theater and turned right 
onto a well known Prague street called Narodni
Trida. The students hoped to reach Wenceslas Square 
where they then planned to hold a public 
demonstration for greater freedoms. Just one week 
earlier in Berlin (November 9, 1989), the East German 
government had responded to similar public 
demonstrations by opening its borders to free travel 
and the once menacing Berlin Wall had begun to come 
down. News from Berlin had spread to Prague and 
inspired the students' march towards Wenceslas 

About half way to the square, the students were met 
by a large group of riot police lined up in rows five and 
six deep. The police had orders to stop the 
students. The students begged and pleaded with the 
police to abandon their orders and join the march to 
the famous square in the middle of Prague. The 
ensuing stand-off turned violent when the riot police 
forcefully dispelled the growing student crowd. One 
person from the crowd lay motionless on the street as 
the students ran for saftey. Rumor spread that the riot 
police had killed a student. The resulting outrage 
sparked what would come to be known as the Velvet 

In a matter of days, a series of public
strikes and mass demonstrations had begun to put 
pressure on the communist regime to step down. On 
Friday, November 22, 1989, more than one-hundred-
thousand protesters gathered on Wenceslas Square with 
banners and signs demanding free elections and the 
demise of the Communist government.
More next week.

Each week our mission president sends us a letter called to novy hlas. This was in this weeks letter. When we got to praha He took us to an overlook and shared with us this historical story. From this over look you can see the river the streets he spoke of, the castle where the communistic government was at and as he related this rich history to us he showed us where everything was. You can not tell me that God does not love and help his children.

Something i have been studying this last week is obedience and faith. It has changed my outlook of agency. I had the oppertunity to prepare our gosple principles class on Agency. There is a story that talks about a sign that says warning whirlpools and that is where it talks of our choices. I would suggest reading it some time. 

Life can be hard but it is always worth it. We had a good week was it easy when lessons would fall through no but that is when we go and set up two more. you can look at a storm in two ways "Oh no im going to get drenched," or " look at all the life that God is giving to the world." I know it may sound cheesy but hey it gets the point across right :) 

This is the work of the Lord and he is in every part of it.

I love you all thank you so much for everything you have done for me hope all is well and of good health.

Remember when life gets to hard to stand kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,
starsi Asay

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