Thursday, January 15, 2015

11-10-2014 Ahoj... We sound Like Pirates

Hello Everyone I hope you all had an amazing week because mine has been one of work, miracles and more understanding of The Love of God.

We had a great week and i know that it is because of God. We had some amazing lessons this past week and I know that God has helped us with each one. With each person we find i have felt Gods love for them, and though we have a basic outlined lesson for each, each persons lesson has been completely different. For example with one women we talked about Gods love for her and how she can feel that and have help from him especially as she reads the Book of Mormon. With a man we talked with this morning, we testified of how he can gain for spiritual strength from studying scripture and talk with God through prayer, and yet with anyother we talked about prophets and how we can know for ourselves if it is true. 
God knows us all, he knows that we are all different, he knows that we all need different things and are at different levels, and yet he still loves all of us THE SAME. Yes we make mistakes, Yes we make correct choices, yes we have choices in life and may not be able to see the long run of things but what we can see is that God loves us and needs us. He will not ask something of you that you can not do and I KNOW THIS WITH ALL MY HEART,  I have felt it, i have lived it, and I LOVE it. There is nothing i would change and i ask all of you to remember that you are important to God and his son Jesus Christ, who love you and need you on their side helping others to find them. 

I love you all we see miracles always because God doesnt change and he is a God of Miracles.

s laskou

Starsi asay

p.s. sorry we are short on time today hope you all are happy and healthy. 

remember when life gets to hard to stand kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways

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