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11-03-2015 Bro and Sis Munro Visit with Pictures

Dear Elders and Sisters

Thank you for looking after us so well this weekend. Here is my story and pictures that you may like to share with your families. Love from Elder and Sister Munro.

Have a great week. Keep up all your great work!!!!!!

Sunday 2 November 2014

What a delightful weekend we have had with The Wilkinsons - visiting the members and missionaries in Trenčín, Slovakia. č%C3%ADn

On Saturday night we arranged to meet the missionaries at the church building so that we could all go to dinner together. We were happy to try Slovak food and they had a favourite restaurant in mind!

These missionaries are marvellous! Two Sisters and two Elders currently serve in Trenčín. Sister Wilson is training Sister Russell who is brand new into the mission last month (she arrived on 16 October). Sister Wilson herself has only been since April. Elder Asay is the District Leader. He has been in Slovakia since December last year - almost a year now. Elder Mason arrived in February this year - the transfer after Elder Asay.

Around the table from left to right: Elder Asay, Elder Mason, Sister Wilson, Sister Russell, Elder and Sister Munro and Sister Sharon Wilkinson. Brother Kevin Wilkinson was our photographer.

A lovely part of the evening was when I asked Sister Russell how she was doing. She answered that she was loving her mission so far because she had the best trainer - in fact she has the 3 best trainers! There is such a nice interaction between each of these missionaries - they all seem very supportive of each other.

The best part of the evening though was the DELICIOUS FOOD!!!!!! Above is a sample dish of 2 different kinds of halušky.

On the way back to the church building we walked through the main náměstí where the missionaries do most of their contacting. This was the view of Trenčín Castle from there.

On Sunday we thoroughly enjoyed attending Church with the branch. What dear people they are - few in number but huge in heart.

The church has four rooms on the second floor of this building. Each room is light, spacious and pleasantly decorated. It feels really nice and welcoming when you walk in. The members have decorated some of the walls with these fabulous posters which I believe they prepared for an Open House they had not too long ago.

Church meets from 10 until noon. After Sacrament they separate for Priesthood and Relief Society.

A lovely thing I noticed was that the missionaries supported each other when they were translating. An example was when Sister Wilkinson was side-by-side translating for me as I bore my testimony. If she was unsure of a word the others would help her softly in a way that was reverent and didn't detract either from the meeting or from Sister Wilson's excellent efforts! They are all such amazing young people!

Sister Václavová taught the lesson today in Relief Society about our life after this one. Here she is with Sister Russell's gloves - demonstrating the spirit receiving a body when we are born and come to earth.

Being with such faithful people is so strengthening. We have a great appreciation for their constant and consistent efforts. It is always lovely to be with the missionaries as well. If only the communities they serve in could appreciate the treasure they have in their midst.

S láskou Munroovi

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