Thursday, January 15, 2015


So i know that i may say something like this every week but this week i have to hurry because we have to be back at our church building in 16 minutes so this will be really fast.
monday was good we werent able to find people but there were people getting ready for the holidays.
Tuesday Elder mason got sick so we had district meeting and english and the time inbetween he was sleeping
Wednesday we had to be in by 5 30 had halšky at the building and then ran home at 730. we were aloud to watch two movies from a list and we watched the testiments and legacy which are great movies about christs visit to the americas and the pionieers
Thursday we had a p day and we were able to go out finding for a little bit but then just when to the church building and cleaned that.
Friday we went out and talked to some people 
Sat. talked to some great people and gave away some copies of the book of mormon
Sun. DAY OF MIRACLES met someone new at church who has been living in austria for the past year and is now moving back. Talked to some great people and had an amazing fast for this next year 
The Lord is really he hears and answers we just need to get down on our knees and ask for his help and tell him everything.
Remember the when you are on your knees you are closer to heaven so do all you can to be there.
s laskou
Starší Asay

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