Monday, January 26, 2015


We had such an amazing week.

We had a lesson with a man during my exchange with the Zone Leader and it was such an amazing lesson. It was with a man that is a manager of a small group of people and he may be in our next branch presidence hopefully. We sat down with him and started talking he asked some questions about what we believe about the God head and stuff. We talked about the God head and the Atonement and then he would ask clarifying questions and we were like exactly,( Side thought thank you so much Mrs. Neville for teaching us about clarifying questions and all the other ways to communicate properly with other people they have helped me a lot especially with making sure i understand others and that they understand me.) He then asked, "Well what do you believe in like where did you start. So we told him that we believe we are the church that christ set up on the earth and that he restored truth. We taught him the restoration and by the end he said that Of course i will be baptised if i know it is true that would be the only thing to do. He promised to read and pray about it and he closed the meeting with a prayer. We are calling him tonight and setting up with him for another lessons, I really hope he meets again he is so awesome. 

miracle 2 of the week

We were on the street today inviting people to our concert and the young man that i contact a week ago on our exchange with the assistant waved over at us. I walked over to him, and he said hey sorry i didnt make it to church this last week but i will be coming this next sunday, we talked about how he was and then his friend came up and introduced us to him, he then started to head and was like see you at church on sunday. I was so amazing and I just love this, just everything

these are just 2 of so many but we have to go practice for our concert so i have to go. I love and miss you all. thanks for everything.

I love the Gospel so much, I love the feelings of Joy and peace and energy and everything from it that just fills me and makes me want to burst and just reach out to everyone and invite them. I have noticed ever since we talked about the angels and shepards and everyone being filled with such joy that they couldnt hold it back. I have wanted that and prayed for it, and the Lord has blessed me with it. I love Chirst and Just everything this church is because of him it is amazing.

s laskou
Starší Asay

p.s. prayer works so never forget to pray and read your scritpures.

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