Monday, January 19, 2015


since last i wrote, it has been 3 or 4 days. A lot can happen in that time from Concerts in Saint George Utah to miracles in slovakia. 

I was sent a picture from a dear friend of a concert that took place in Saint george to those in that choir weither i know you our not I am forever great and proud of you. I was told it was a wonderful concert and that i would be so proud. Just to let you know i am so proud. 

And Sister Jenny Baker you left your name out of the program what is that about? I want you to know that it would not have been possible or even organized with out you. It may have never come to pass had you not even brought the idea of started a choir to help the youth up. je vďaka tebe, Thanks to you. 

The rest of this week we have been tracting and contacting not to many people have let us in but the miracles have never stopped we finished last night and were heading to deliver some stuff and we get a call from a member that was not at church this last week. He told us that he missed church but that he wanted to meet the next day. 

We met with him and got to know him a bit because he had just moved back to the branch. Now we are going to help him get to the Temple when it opens back up.

We had a wonderful priesthood we talked about a lot of thing from idaho and its potatoes to praying for patience. One member had this quote, but is slovak, "So what happens if i say, heavenly father please bless me with patience but i need them right now." It was funny because i am sure that we have all been in situations like that. 

Anyways i dont want to take all of your day but i want you to know that it is true that you can reflect the Lord and people can know who you represent everyday even before you talk to them. Missionary or not. We have had a lot of people tell us when we say hello we are missionaries, say. Yes we know we can tell. So I want you to know that we can represent Jesus Christ every day with the things we do and the ways we do them. People truely see you and watch your example i hope that you know that. Remember who you are and remember who you can become, even as he is? Perfection doesnt come in this life but in the life to come, we are here to learn and grow for the best.

I know that this is the Church of God and that The Book of Mormon is truely more scripture given from a loving heavenly father to his children for more direction and examples for them to have. Truely live as an example of the believer and embark in the serve of others, the service of God.

s laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. He hears your prays and he answers them maybe not there and then or where and when but I Testify that He answers them.

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