Monday, January 26, 2015


We had such an amazing week.

We had a lesson with a man during my exchange with the Zone Leader and it was such an amazing lesson. It was with a man that is a manager of a small group of people and he may be in our next branch presidence hopefully. We sat down with him and started talking he asked some questions about what we believe about the God head and stuff. We talked about the God head and the Atonement and then he would ask clarifying questions and we were like exactly,( Side thought thank you so much Mrs. Neville for teaching us about clarifying questions and all the other ways to communicate properly with other people they have helped me a lot especially with making sure i understand others and that they understand me.) He then asked, "Well what do you believe in like where did you start. So we told him that we believe we are the church that christ set up on the earth and that he restored truth. We taught him the restoration and by the end he said that Of course i will be baptised if i know it is true that would be the only thing to do. He promised to read and pray about it and he closed the meeting with a prayer. We are calling him tonight and setting up with him for another lessons, I really hope he meets again he is so awesome. 

miracle 2 of the week

We were on the street today inviting people to our concert and the young man that i contact a week ago on our exchange with the assistant waved over at us. I walked over to him, and he said hey sorry i didnt make it to church this last week but i will be coming this next sunday, we talked about how he was and then his friend came up and introduced us to him, he then started to head and was like see you at church on sunday. I was so amazing and I just love this, just everything

these are just 2 of so many but we have to go practice for our concert so i have to go. I love and miss you all. thanks for everything.

I love the Gospel so much, I love the feelings of Joy and peace and energy and everything from it that just fills me and makes me want to burst and just reach out to everyone and invite them. I have noticed ever since we talked about the angels and shepards and everyone being filled with such joy that they couldnt hold it back. I have wanted that and prayed for it, and the Lord has blessed me with it. I love Chirst and Just everything this church is because of him it is amazing.

s laskou
Starší Asay

p.s. prayer works so never forget to pray and read your scritpures.

Monday, January 19, 2015

1-18-2015 Pictures 4 Christmas

Culture Night at the Kolarovci

2 Krat


Christmas for Elder Asay  GOLDFISH

1-19-2015 Picture 3

What? Who made me King of Anything

The Castle


1-19-2015 Pictures 2

Elder Asay " Ouch in the Castle"

Oldtimers Shanghi anyone?

Castle Trencin

Sorry its Blurry This is the Christmas Market

1-19-2015 Picture 1

And now we shall have Halusky time with Elder Mason

Our district Sister Russell, Elder Mason, Elder Asay, Sister Wilson

Our Kitchen

Our Christmas Tree


since last i wrote, it has been 3 or 4 days. A lot can happen in that time from Concerts in Saint George Utah to miracles in slovakia. 

I was sent a picture from a dear friend of a concert that took place in Saint george to those in that choir weither i know you our not I am forever great and proud of you. I was told it was a wonderful concert and that i would be so proud. Just to let you know i am so proud. 

And Sister Jenny Baker you left your name out of the program what is that about? I want you to know that it would not have been possible or even organized with out you. It may have never come to pass had you not even brought the idea of started a choir to help the youth up. je vďaka tebe, Thanks to you. 

The rest of this week we have been tracting and contacting not to many people have let us in but the miracles have never stopped we finished last night and were heading to deliver some stuff and we get a call from a member that was not at church this last week. He told us that he missed church but that he wanted to meet the next day. 

We met with him and got to know him a bit because he had just moved back to the branch. Now we are going to help him get to the Temple when it opens back up.

We had a wonderful priesthood we talked about a lot of thing from idaho and its potatoes to praying for patience. One member had this quote, but is slovak, "So what happens if i say, heavenly father please bless me with patience but i need them right now." It was funny because i am sure that we have all been in situations like that. 

Anyways i dont want to take all of your day but i want you to know that it is true that you can reflect the Lord and people can know who you represent everyday even before you talk to them. Missionary or not. We have had a lot of people tell us when we say hello we are missionaries, say. Yes we know we can tell. So I want you to know that we can represent Jesus Christ every day with the things we do and the ways we do them. People truely see you and watch your example i hope that you know that. Remember who you are and remember who you can become, even as he is? Perfection doesnt come in this life but in the life to come, we are here to learn and grow for the best.

I know that this is the Church of God and that The Book of Mormon is truely more scripture given from a loving heavenly father to his children for more direction and examples for them to have. Truely live as an example of the believer and embark in the serve of others, the service of God.

s laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. He hears your prays and he answers them maybe not there and then or where and when but I Testify that He answers them.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


There is a time when we must make many choices. Many seem simple and unsignificant but each one matters. this time is called Life.

I bet you didnt see that one coming. I love it here. I love the people. I love the members. I love this country. I love his work. and I LOVE THE GOSPEL. It truely can change us, make us better, help us grow, and help us become the people he needs us to be.

We had an amazing exchange with one of the Assistants to the President. He was so Awesome and he was really exactly what i needed to get me ready for the training the next day and then the training was perfect. I loved it so much. 

I am looking back at the last couple weeks and looking at the differences and realize that as the weeks have gone by i have testified of Our Lord and king more then ever before. I mean more then just saying the same things over and over again. I actually mean it and i can feel the spirit testifying of it to people. It truely feels like a swelling that i can not hold back and i just have to tell it to people. I know God is here and there and with us because he wants us to be happy. 

If at times you are feeling low serve someone, help someone, make a dinner or even a card. Let them know you care and go around and let people share their stories with you. Forget yourself and focus on someone else. It truely helps.

I have a Goal this year to become closer to God by ready the Book of Mormon everyday. I will take in the Gospel and share it with all those I can on the street it is truelly amazing. 

I love you all and hope that you know that first and foremost Love God with everything you have serve him by serving others and prepare to serve and help someone find the gospel this year. Can you just imagine if everyone help one of there friends the gospel how many people would find the truth and love of God. So Love God first in so doing serve the people around you. first comes God then others then we find ourselves but only after losing ourselves in the work. 

I love you all and have to go so have a wonderful week. 

s laskou 

Starší Asay

Remember Prayer is real and he listens so get down on your knees and thank him for all you have. You will find that you have a lot more then you think. :)

1-12-2015 no letter from Josh today but this came instead

Hello Brother and Sister Asay,
This is Sestra Wilson, I am currently serving in the same district as your son. He wanted me to email you to inform you that he will not be emailing you today, because he is on an exchange, but that he will be emailing on Thursday this week. Also while I am at it thank you for raiseing such a good son, he is an excellent district leader, and missionary. 
I hope you have a wonderful week.
Sestra Wilson


So i know that i may say something like this every week but this week i have to hurry because we have to be back at our church building in 16 minutes so this will be really fast.
monday was good we werent able to find people but there were people getting ready for the holidays.
Tuesday Elder mason got sick so we had district meeting and english and the time inbetween he was sleeping
Wednesday we had to be in by 5 30 had halšky at the building and then ran home at 730. we were aloud to watch two movies from a list and we watched the testiments and legacy which are great movies about christs visit to the americas and the pionieers
Thursday we had a p day and we were able to go out finding for a little bit but then just when to the church building and cleaned that.
Friday we went out and talked to some people 
Sat. talked to some great people and gave away some copies of the book of mormon
Sun. DAY OF MIRACLES met someone new at church who has been living in austria for the past year and is now moving back. Talked to some great people and had an amazing fast for this next year 
The Lord is really he hears and answers we just need to get down on our knees and ask for his help and tell him everything.
Remember the when you are on your knees you are closer to heaven so do all you can to be there.
s laskou
Starší Asay

12-31-2014 Side Note Visit from Elder Fredrickson

On Dec 31st we received a visit from Joshuas trainer Elder Lance Fredrickson. He stayed for a while and played games with us and told us about the Mission and about Josh. He is on his way to BYU Idaho for school, He is a great young man and we are grateful that he was chosen as a mission companion for Josh. Good Luck at school.


Last letter of the complete year of my mission, that is Crazy. 

Well this week was awesome we had a wonderful Christmas week. 

Monday we had a wonderful training about christmas and then p day on tuesday.

However this is where it gets good.

Wednesday we got to go and share the He is the Gift video all day long to people. We were walking on the street and offered a ginger bread angel to a women and she said no thanks but what is christmas to you. We talked about christmas and our church and baptism, we invited he to learn more and she said she would come to church when she had time. Then we went about our day and didnt get to meet with anyone we had on plan to meet with. We had lunch and went to another person on our list. She and her whole family were there and they loved it. Then we shared it with another family and man on the street. Then we got to have a Slovak Christmas with karp and everything. it was cool. Do me a favor and eat a full clove of Garlic it is for health, but make sure you dont do it right before you contact anyone or plan on talking to anyone for the next few days.

Got to sing at an old folks home on Christmas day and picked up trash. We also cooked an "American Christmas lunch" for a member. She loved it and we had a white elephant exchange and that was cool i got a hand warmer which was great for me. 

One of my favorite parts was that i got to talk to my family, including Mckenzie Scott tayten and Grandma Stucki. I talked with them on thursday night. It was awesome Dylan and Colby both sound older and i can believe that Tayten is already talking and walking and big holy crap. He is in full controle with is new John Deer tractor. 

Friday was all about the Christmas visits and singing displays again and we got to visit a couple that had a lot of family with them and that was awesome they all like the video as well. It was awesome.

The rest of the week was good too we got to get back to regular schedule and we get to have p day on january 1. This is because we need to email this week so we had the chance to email today. 

It has snowed every day since December 26 and yesterday when we were walking home it was - 4 degrees C and the high the day before -1.

This was an amazing Christmas definatly one of my favorites.

With this new year i challenge you to make a goal. Make and keep a personal Goal to strengthen you faith in Jesus Christ. He is our saviour and our redeemer. Come up with a goal and then act upon it. Also make a list of friends and family pray over it. pray over it and i know that the Lord will Guide you to those that you know that are ready either to come back to the Gospel or to recieve ie. Have courage, faith, and trust in God. This is his work and his Glory. He has asked for our help to help other have this joy. We have nothing to lose from it but everything to gain. I know this in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

Remember that when we pray we are talking with a King but not only a king but our Father in Heaven. He loves us, he hears us, and he knows what we need.

s laskou,

Starší Asay


It is finally here Vianoce, and i have really had quite the insite into this Christmas on how commercial it truely can become if you let it. With giving gifts and family it is wonderful but really we can't afford to let christ out of christmas. I have learned this year of how this time is not just a time to think of his birth but his life and why his birth was important.

We had a training this week and at the training we talked about the Pastieri( Shepards.) How there must have been majors and high city officials in Bethlahem, yet it was the shepards who were visited by the angels and then because the joy of the Anjeli v nebesiach, the heavens were opened and there were concorses of angels singing. He compared that to how we can be about the Gospel so full of Joy that Christ is really that we littereally can not help ourselves from sharing the Gospel. We also talk about how they represent us and how we are all invite to come unto christ and then when we find him our joy is full and we can help but be like the shepards and share the Gospel (Good news.) 

This is my commitment to you read the story of Chirst starting in Luke one to matthew 1 to luke 2 to matthew 2 and then read 3 nephi chapter 1 and then pray for the joy and Go and share they Gospel with someone, be like the shepards and let yourself be filled.

Our week was good and this week will be better i will be emailing all of you on monday again next week so let it be. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and rest of the year it will be a good one and next year will be even better. :) Merry Christmas.

Remember Christ understands you perfectly and God listens to your prayers so talk to him more you will get a better vzťah s nemu. 

s laskou

Starší Asay

p.s. i will send pictures of our appartment next week. 


So here in the Czech Slovak mission we have 9 week transfers. This last week marked the end of another transfer. 

so with all do respect I wish to inform you that i am now writing to you from.......... TRENCIN still as the district leader :)
And my companion is now... Elder MASON :) 
 Yep thats right we get to stay together for another 9 week, i am so glad to because I think he is awesome and i am glad we dont have to split of move or anything.

Oh and the sisters here in trencin are staying as well. Is crazy it isn't often that an entire district stays together. We have an amazing chance here. :) 

We have Christmas next week and all the members are so greatful that we are all staying. With having to get used to new missionaries last transfer and it being close to Christmas, they were all like President McConkie is a smart man, he is a very smart man, that was a good choice. :)

This last week was great we had a lot of success with tracting we had an older couple let us in and we shared our message, They didnt have very much interest in learning more but they offered us some food, so we eat a little and as we are eating their son walks in with his young family, The Older man cleared off the table including the book of mormon we had just given him and we were like well we dont want to both you. They said no dont worry sit down eat, and the rest of the family came in and joined us. The Son Picked up the Book of Mormon and started looking through it. a little while latter he asked oh are you mormons, we said yes we are and we told him we were missionaries and then talked about how we were called to serve in Slovakia. We soon left but the Book of Mormon stayed. I think one of the reasons were were taken there was because of that younger family. unfortunately we didnt exchange numbers but we did have the chance to talk and we might go back with a christmas visit. :) I love being here. I love the people. I love the spirit that i feel when i testify. I love the food, and I love the work that we get to go and talk about our Saviour Jesus Christ All day with people. I would not change it. 

well thats my week in a nut shell kinda, hope you are all health and well.

remember that God ALWAYS wants to hear from you through prayer and he loves you more then you can ever know. I love you all. 

s laskou

starší Asay


We have 9 week transfers here and its already the last week THATS CRAZY!

We found some awesome people while we were tracting this week one man let us in and he was awesome and another women said we could come back. It was awesome. 

We have been trying to get in touch with a man but he hasent been answering. So today we were using our p day to go around and take pictures of Trencin and we ran into him and now we have a meeting set up with him for this wednesday. It is going to be awesome. This man is way cool and he is really open to trying things out, it is awesome. 

This last week we got to go to a cultural night and we went to a folk christmas concert of the kollarovcami they were way good and now i have experienced Slovak CHristmas Culture. Fully last year i was just everywhere anyways see as i had just entered the country by the way i am offically in the country over a year. :)

This next week will be good and we will see what happens with transfers i will let you know next week.

remember even when life doesnt gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways

s laskou

Starsi Asay


This week was great we met a man who had talked to missionaries before. He let us in while tracking and he had all kinds of sound stuff he was like a mixer of music and it was so cool. We gave him a book of mormon and he said he would read. We have on plan to head back wednesday and follow up. 

We had a good week and got some really good stuff done and this next week is awesome we have meetings let up and people here are ready so wish me luck.

s laskou 

Starší Asay

p.s. sorry it is so short next week will have more. i want to change add a quote this week that Elder Mason told me 

dont tell God how big your problems are tell your problems how big God is.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways. 

12-01-2014 Poem

"To those of you i do not know 

and even those i do 

i ask, i plead, i beg, i know 

please do not ever let go.

When life gets hard 

and all seems lost 

and nothing goes our way.

we fail a test, a friend is lost, 

tears shead from night to day.

We hit the ground, we start to speak

asking if God's really there

He knows, he hears, he wants to speak 

and give us sheaves of care. 

We dont suffer it alone.

Not even you or I 

For we have a savior to call our own 

even he Jesus the Christ.

and as we listen to his voice

and read his gentle words,

His arms surround us with his love

his care his peace his works.

Remember this and as you go 

remember who you are 

a royal child of a king 

of all things near and far."

s laskou,

Starší Asay


The story of the Velvet Revolution continues.

Twenty-five years ago today the Communist leadership of 
Czechoslovakia announced its mass resignation. Although other issues 
necessary to the orderly transfer of power would still need to be 
negotiated by and between the leaders of the revolution and the 
Communist regime, the resignation marked the effective end of one 
party rule in Czechoslovakia. Communism died just as democracy was 

The events of November 24, 1989 were both moving and dramatic. The 
face of the revolution was Vaclav Havel, a playwright who had long been 
openly critical of the Communist regime. Havel was Czech and, although 
able to generate large crowds in support of democracy, he knew that 
something extra was needed to unite both Czechs and Slovaks against 
the regime. That something was Alexander Dubcek.

Dubcek was a former president of Czechoslovakia removed from power 
in 1968 during the Prague Spring invasion by the Soviet army. Dubcek 
had initiated reforms intended to increase freedom of expression and 
travel. The Soviet reaction was swift and harsh. In the years following 
his removal from office he had remained a popular and influential 

Havel sent a small group to Bratislava to find Dubcek. A Slovak, Dubcek 
had been returned to Bratislava in 1968 where he worked as an officer in 
the Czechoslovak national forest service. Havel's representatives 
convinced Dubcek to lend his support to the growing revolution and 
then quietly delivered him to Prague on the afternoon of November 24, 

As the growing crowd of revolutionaries gathered that afternoon on 
Wenceslas Square, they had no idea what lay in store. Havel carefully 
and secretly moved Dubcek through the back streets of Prague from the 
Magic Lantern Theater to a building on Wenceslas Square where he and 
the other leaders of the revolution spoke to and sang with the large 
crowds that had gathered in the afternoons following the student 
uprising in Prague on November 17th.

After the usual course of speakers and singers, Havel made a final 
introduction. He announced to the crowd that Dubcek had come to 
speak with them. The announcement was met with chants of "Dubcek! 
Dubcek! Dubcek!" The chants were said to be so loud that they were 
heard by the Communist leadership high on the hill in Prague 
Castle. The message of the revolutionaries was clear, "We are all united 
in our demands. Give us freedom now!"

Later that evening, Havel and Dubcek held a press conference at the 
Magic Lantern. About half way through the conference, word came 
from the Castle that the Communist leadership had resigned.

The crowd that gathered on November 25th was too large for even 
Wenceslas Square. Some 800,000 people gathered in Letna Park just 
next to the mission home too celebrate and make certain that the 
transition to freedom would continue to move quickly forward.

That is some of the history of these two great Countries.

Ahoj once again :)

This last week was great we got to take to a lot more people on the streets and we had an amazing training.

When we were on our way home we went into an empty compartment on the train and right before the sisters came in a man asked if he could join us. We were like of course. We talked with him a while and he was way awesome. We got to know him and what he was like. we told him that we were missionaries and eventually we started talking about the church. It was awesome he was like i really have a tone of interest in this kind of stuff. We left him with a Book of mormon and he promised that he would read it and maybe even meet with the missionaries in Kosice. He was such a cool guy i hope he calls them.

another miracle, we were doing a singing display and a girl comes up to us and just stands infront of us listening to us sing. My Companion was out talking with other people already so when the song ended i started talking to her. we talked for a little bit and then we sang again for her we closed with i am a child of God and she loved it we told her about our concert and she gave us her number right there it was so cool. 

The Lord is in the Work and this is an AMAZING and GLORIES work to bring to pass the imortality and eternal life of men. I would not rather be anywhere else I LOVE IT HERE

hope all is well and that you have enjoyed your week and another great one comes to follow

s laskou

Starší Asay

11-17-2014 A little History for you

Twenty-five years ago today (November 17, 1989), a 
large group of students gathered near the Vysehrad
Castle in southern Prague. There is a small but well 
known cemetery near the castle where many famous 
Czechs have been buried. The publicly stated purpose 
for the gathering, and the only reason the gathering 
was allowed by the Communist government, was for 
the students to commemorate the death of a student 
killed during World War II during the Nazi 
occupation. The students, however, had planned 
something more.

Early in the afternoon, the students walked up the 
Vltava river to the National Theater and turned right 
onto a well known Prague street called Narodni
Trida. The students hoped to reach Wenceslas Square 
where they then planned to hold a public 
demonstration for greater freedoms. Just one week 
earlier in Berlin (November 9, 1989), the East German 
government had responded to similar public 
demonstrations by opening its borders to free travel 
and the once menacing Berlin Wall had begun to come 
down. News from Berlin had spread to Prague and 
inspired the students' march towards Wenceslas 

About half way to the square, the students were met 
by a large group of riot police lined up in rows five and 
six deep. The police had orders to stop the 
students. The students begged and pleaded with the 
police to abandon their orders and join the march to 
the famous square in the middle of Prague. The 
ensuing stand-off turned violent when the riot police 
forcefully dispelled the growing student crowd. One 
person from the crowd lay motionless on the street as 
the students ran for saftey. Rumor spread that the riot 
police had killed a student. The resulting outrage 
sparked what would come to be known as the Velvet 

In a matter of days, a series of public
strikes and mass demonstrations had begun to put 
pressure on the communist regime to step down. On 
Friday, November 22, 1989, more than one-hundred-
thousand protesters gathered on Wenceslas Square with 
banners and signs demanding free elections and the 
demise of the Communist government.
More next week.

Each week our mission president sends us a letter called to novy hlas. This was in this weeks letter. When we got to praha He took us to an overlook and shared with us this historical story. From this over look you can see the river the streets he spoke of, the castle where the communistic government was at and as he related this rich history to us he showed us where everything was. You can not tell me that God does not love and help his children.

Something i have been studying this last week is obedience and faith. It has changed my outlook of agency. I had the oppertunity to prepare our gosple principles class on Agency. There is a story that talks about a sign that says warning whirlpools and that is where it talks of our choices. I would suggest reading it some time. 

Life can be hard but it is always worth it. We had a good week was it easy when lessons would fall through no but that is when we go and set up two more. you can look at a storm in two ways "Oh no im going to get drenched," or " look at all the life that God is giving to the world." I know it may sound cheesy but hey it gets the point across right :) 

This is the work of the Lord and he is in every part of it.

I love you all thank you so much for everything you have done for me hope all is well and of good health.

Remember when life gets to hard to stand kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,
starsi Asay

11-10-2014 Ahoj... We sound Like Pirates

Hello Everyone I hope you all had an amazing week because mine has been one of work, miracles and more understanding of The Love of God.

We had a great week and i know that it is because of God. We had some amazing lessons this past week and I know that God has helped us with each one. With each person we find i have felt Gods love for them, and though we have a basic outlined lesson for each, each persons lesson has been completely different. For example with one women we talked about Gods love for her and how she can feel that and have help from him especially as she reads the Book of Mormon. With a man we talked with this morning, we testified of how he can gain for spiritual strength from studying scripture and talk with God through prayer, and yet with anyother we talked about prophets and how we can know for ourselves if it is true. 
God knows us all, he knows that we are all different, he knows that we all need different things and are at different levels, and yet he still loves all of us THE SAME. Yes we make mistakes, Yes we make correct choices, yes we have choices in life and may not be able to see the long run of things but what we can see is that God loves us and needs us. He will not ask something of you that you can not do and I KNOW THIS WITH ALL MY HEART,  I have felt it, i have lived it, and I LOVE it. There is nothing i would change and i ask all of you to remember that you are important to God and his son Jesus Christ, who love you and need you on their side helping others to find them. 

I love you all we see miracles always because God doesnt change and he is a God of Miracles.

s laskou

Starsi asay

p.s. sorry we are short on time today hope you all are happy and healthy. 

remember when life gets to hard to stand kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways