Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This week in a nut shell Music and District conferences and Chocolate.

Well we had two concerts this week one here and one in žilina because here we combined and do concerts with all 8 missionaries instead of just 4 it makes it a lot better. We did heroes and mine was Joseph Smith. It turned out great and I have really learned how much music can help reach the hearts of everyone. Some may not like to talk one on one about God or even come to church but music is something that can bring people that don't seem alike at all together. It is a way to bear testimony so many will listen.

We had district conference in Czech and it is no wonder that slovak missionaries learn slovak and czech because half the things we use are in czech, that's okay though because i am able to understand a little bit and we have the Kniha Mormonova so we have all we need

I have had a lot of chocolate this last week I made treats for the concert and instead of cinnamon in all of them i put hot chocolate mix in the middle and then melted some chocolate over and they turned out wonderful.

I started the Dishes after the refreshments of the concert and all the ladies in my branch started saying that my wife is going to love me if i do them for her. Well i still have quite some time before i need to even think about that. However, everyone in my district goes home after this transfer october 13th so they will get some advice at their final interview. None of them are ready or want to go home yet so if ever i bring it up they remind me that i am almost down to a year left so it will be coming back at me.

We went serve tracting and ran into a family that has met the missionaries before, we talked with them and they weren't to interested in our message yet but they speak English and they want to come to the course and invite all of the mom's students, she teaches English as well. so hopefully our English class will be getting a lot bigger this week.

Well hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying having school back in and work and all

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou

Starší Asay

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