Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Man this last week was great.

The thing is we didnt get to teach a lot but me worked hard and when my companion and i looked back on it we both felt like we worked hard and really tried our best.

We had a lot of lessons on plan but most of them fell through, some we were able to call and resetup with so that will be good.

I gave a talk on personal revelation this last week and i was stubbling all over the place. when sacrament was over though a member came up to me and told be that even when i didnt say the right word or case something correctly she still understood and she still felt the spirit. I love the members here they always know what to say and when to say it. My understanding has gotten a lot better since i have been out here and now it seems like sometimes i cant really remember if the conversations i had were in slovak or english.

The Lord has shown me so much while i have been out here and has given me so much more then i could ever repay i am just really glad that he doesnt ask us to repay it just to live worthy and do our best so that we can return to him some day.

We had one meeting with a man at 8 30 at night and we had to run home to make it by 9 30 good thing i had lost a little weight or it might have killed me, yet another example of how the lord provides a way for us to do what he asks. The lesson went great and this man is wonderful he said he would really think about baptism and that he would call us the next day and set up another meeting. He hasnt called us yet but we will call him in a couple days if he hasnt. He had family coming into town so he may have forgotten.

anyways, i know that the Lord provides a way and i know that he will always help us. We must remember that we can not expect to be perfect now, nor in this life, but we have all eternity to progress if we do what we need to here on earth and follow christs example. if you havent read becoming perfect in Christ from the July lehona i would recommend it. It really helped me thanks Mom for recommending to me.

anyways i love you all hope all is going well and want you to remember

when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,

Starší Asay

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