Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10-20-2014 pictures

 Meet you in the CourtYard
 I knew I put the Cannon Ball SomeWhere
Me, Elder Mason and my trainer Elder Frederickson


Got a new companion. Check
Sent my trainer Home. Check
Gave my first District meeting. Check
Seeing Miracles everyday. Check Check Check

Oh man if only you could have been here to see them all. So we had some lessons fall through so we started talking with people and a man came up to us and said that he was a member at first i was like what no way, and i said really. He was like ya i was baptised almost a year ago in manchester. He had been at our building but was not able to find any contact for us so he just continued on his way and when he rounded a corner in the city there we were walking towards him.
It was a miracle his family are not members and they live here while he lives in england so that he can work on his english. He invited us over for dinner and it was awesome.

When we went over it was wonderful food and we met his son and he said with us his conversion story and everything. We asked if there was anything we could do for him and he said, ya come next week for dinner and meet my wife, because she had been at work.

We made some banana bread and went over to dropped it off on sunday and we met his wife and she asked us some questions and we introduced ourselves and it was awesome.

They invisted us over for lunch on tuesday so that will be great. It is amazing how the Lord works his mighty miracles even if they don't seem so big at first.

We had a man come up to us today and ask when our english class is because he had been working with the english class in Nitra and now he lives here.

I love it here we literally see miracles every day and it is amazing how the Lord gets his work going.

I have been learning that Everything the Lord asks us to do is for our growth. If we didnt need to grow to become like him he wouldnt have sent us to the earth. His plan is perfect every piece ready and every part exact. No unhallowed hand can stop this work, and he wont give up on us. nows our chance to do our part go to the work tag or not talk to a friend share the work, love the people around you because they are children of God as well. :)

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways

s laskou,

Starší asay

19-13-2014 DL


I am the only persone that stays in trenčín this transfer and it is quite interesting. There are two sisters coming replacing the other two sisters that are going home and one of the new sisters is golden from the MTC so it will be good.

My Companions name is Elder Mason and he is awesome he came to the mission the transfer after me and so i am the oldest missionary, mission wise, in trenčín.

I am amazed at how much peace i can feel from it though. I am usually stressed about this kind of thing but if there is one thing that i have started to understand out here it is that the Lord does not ask us to do something we can not do. He always will give us the help that we need :) The Lord loves us all and he helps us all.

We got to watch conference this last week and I loved it. Even though i may not of understood it all i did understand that prophets are from God and that Thomas S Monson is a Prophet called of God and that God hears prayers because when i was about to give up on understanding i pleaded for help and i started to understand what the Lord wanted me to understand, was it everything no but it was exactly what i needed to understand and so i know that the Lord has a plan and a way to do these things he asks of us.

We had a great singing display where we got to invite one of the sisters investigators to sing with us the first and last songs he know so he sang them with us it was so awesome i loved it.

I know the Lord loves us and trusts us to do what he asks of us and i love him and know he has a plan for us.

may this letter find you in Peace and health.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways

s laskou

Starší Asay :)


Year mark and Halušky, so good.

It has been a great week we were able to teach 10 lessons. We had some lessons on plan but we werent able to teach because the people either didnt come or they had to change it but this week we have some stuff and the branch is putting on a party for the other missionaries that are all going home this next week so that will be fun and we are doing yoga again all in all it will be a good week.

This last week was good. sunday we got to watch the general womens broadcast in slovak for church everyone watched it and it was great. I started to understand more then last time and i am now way excited for this next weekend it will be amazing.

My thought today is about the scriptures and about studying them. I give my witness that God still gives us revelation and that through scriptures he guides us and helps us know what we need to do. This morning as i was studying a talk i felt a peace come over me, one that came with the knowledge that this Gospel is the way for the best life here on earth. I have seen how drugs can ruin someones life and other things as well and i am so glad that i have been able to live the way that i have. I am not perfect nor will i be here on this earth, but in the life to come and yes it will come and yes we will be judged by Christ and yes it will be a great but dreadful day, i know that i can be made perfect through the saviors blood after i have done all i can to become as close to perfect as i can. And you can as well dont give up on him because he will never give up on you.

Remember that when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you dont have to suffer or be alone because you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou

Starsi Asay

9-29-2014 pictures

 Here we are Ja and Starsi Frederickson
 I found a Treasure box
 With the greatest of Treasures
 There is a castle and the clock tower and a costola

Members son makes swords and stuff like that. Unguard Sisters


My oh my oh my do you know what this week is... my year mark. on October 2nd 2013 i entered the MTC in Provo, Utah. Time is slipping away....

Anyways this week the sisters in our area had a baptism and we had two investigators come to it. It was amazing and i think that it will really help them in their progression. I am so excited for the sisters and this man he is so great i am glad that he found the church.

We had a great training in Kosice and it was awesome. Kosice is beautiful and it was great to be able to see all the missionaries again. The downer i left my umbrella there so i have to wait till next training to get it.

We are meeting with some cool people
Other Good news Today marks Colby's 11th birthday and Wednesday is Dylan's 13th birthday holy crap haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday Dear Both of you Happy Birthday to you.

We have met with some cool people and i really hope that they understand soon that this is the Gospel of Christ and that he wants them to return.

My thought is will goals this week. We set goals to accomplish things. When we are specific and have a plan of how to reach them, we can take it to the Lord and ask for help. He wants us to be happy and successful and if you want to understand that make some relistic goals this week and ask for his help.

I know that God is our heavenly father and he loves us so please remember

That when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou

Starší Asay


This week in a nut shell Music and District conferences and Chocolate.

Well we had two concerts this week one here and one in žilina because here we combined and do concerts with all 8 missionaries instead of just 4 it makes it a lot better. We did heroes and mine was Joseph Smith. It turned out great and I have really learned how much music can help reach the hearts of everyone. Some may not like to talk one on one about God or even come to church but music is something that can bring people that don't seem alike at all together. It is a way to bear testimony so many will listen.

We had district conference in Czech and it is no wonder that slovak missionaries learn slovak and czech because half the things we use are in czech, that's okay though because i am able to understand a little bit and we have the Kniha Mormonova so we have all we need

I have had a lot of chocolate this last week I made treats for the concert and instead of cinnamon in all of them i put hot chocolate mix in the middle and then melted some chocolate over and they turned out wonderful.

I started the Dishes after the refreshments of the concert and all the ladies in my branch started saying that my wife is going to love me if i do them for her. Well i still have quite some time before i need to even think about that. However, everyone in my district goes home after this transfer october 13th so they will get some advice at their final interview. None of them are ready or want to go home yet so if ever i bring it up they remind me that i am almost down to a year left so it will be coming back at me.

We went serve tracting and ran into a family that has met the missionaries before, we talked with them and they weren't to interested in our message yet but they speak English and they want to come to the course and invite all of the mom's students, she teaches English as well. so hopefully our English class will be getting a lot bigger this week.

Well hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying having school back in and work and all

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou

Starší Asay


Man this last week was great.

The thing is we didnt get to teach a lot but me worked hard and when my companion and i looked back on it we both felt like we worked hard and really tried our best.

We had a lot of lessons on plan but most of them fell through, some we were able to call and resetup with so that will be good.

I gave a talk on personal revelation this last week and i was stubbling all over the place. when sacrament was over though a member came up to me and told be that even when i didnt say the right word or case something correctly she still understood and she still felt the spirit. I love the members here they always know what to say and when to say it. My understanding has gotten a lot better since i have been out here and now it seems like sometimes i cant really remember if the conversations i had were in slovak or english.

The Lord has shown me so much while i have been out here and has given me so much more then i could ever repay i am just really glad that he doesnt ask us to repay it just to live worthy and do our best so that we can return to him some day.

We had one meeting with a man at 8 30 at night and we had to run home to make it by 9 30 good thing i had lost a little weight or it might have killed me, yet another example of how the lord provides a way for us to do what he asks. The lesson went great and this man is wonderful he said he would really think about baptism and that he would call us the next day and set up another meeting. He hasnt called us yet but we will call him in a couple days if he hasnt. He had family coming into town so he may have forgotten.

anyways, i know that the Lord provides a way and i know that he will always help us. We must remember that we can not expect to be perfect now, nor in this life, but we have all eternity to progress if we do what we need to here on earth and follow christs example. if you havent read becoming perfect in Christ from the July lehona i would recommend it. It really helped me thanks Mom for recommending to me.

anyways i love you all hope all is going well and want you to remember

when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,

Starší Asay


To start it all i off i want to thank all those who are in my ward. To all those who were at my families home helping with the flood i want to thank you. Thank you for being willing to help, thank you for protecting my family and helping them when they needed it, and thank you for being an answer to prayers. I can not thank you enough.

This week was awesome. I got to go on an exchange with the Zone leader in bratislava, it was great to be able to work with him and he taught me a lot and helped me see a lot.

 We had a lesson with our investigator that is super prepared and he was way open to everything. He is trying his best to memorize all the names in the book of mormon and the dates and everything. We talked about Joseph Smith and when we said "when he was a young boy in the year 1..." I started to stumble over my words and he goes on september 22 1823, ( which is when the angel moroni appeared to him,) we were shocked because the only reason we remembered what he was talking about was because that morning we had been wondering when that was so we looked in the Book of Mormon and remembered it. so basically he is way prepared, he hasnt been to church yet but we will teach him why that is important next time i believe.

We also have an investigator that we are reading the book of mormon with, we all read a chapter a day and then we give him a call and talk with him about it that night. we just read the title page and the introduction today and we will call him tonight. we will read the witnesses testimony tomorrow and josephs the day after so this is going to be great.

I know that reading the word of God really does help us. By doing so we gain a strength, we gain energy from heaven, and we gain heavenly protection. It does not matter how many times you have read it you will always find something new, always learn something if you try. I know we can overcome anything if we trust in God and do the little things every day, pray, read our scriptures, go to church, obey the commandments, visit the temple. There is more spiritual strength offered to us then we know, so please take advantage of it as much as you can and please don't ever say you are to busy to do what the lord asks, because if you are to busy to read the scriptures or pray then you are far more busy then the Lord ever intended for you to be

remember when life gets to hard for you to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou
Starší Asay


I am writing this letter with a new sense of relaxation.

As i have been folding my body in half and twisting and bending in ways i did not know i could, as we studied the ancient art of Yoga this morning with our Branch President. You see he was found during the Yoga class in communistic times here in the Czech/Slovak republics. He has been doing yoga for a very long time and our district decided last week that we wanted to do some yoga with him to impress the history on our minds, and to see what it was like. So we asked him at coordination meeting if he would teach us as a district yoga on our p-day and he said yes. I did not know i could do half the stuff i did like fold myself in half and ya it was crazy.

Anyways, we had a really good week this last week we taught 9 lessons and 4 member lessons and that was with a training in Brno and having to stay two nights in Bratislava, the First because we had to to make it to the training on time, the second because we missed our first train home and didn't have tickets for the bus and so we had to take a later train and stay another night in Bratislava in my old apartment. 

We got to talk with a lot of people and it was a great week this last week the training was awesome. They are always right what i need to hear.

anyways this next week we have an exchange with the zone leaders and i get to be in Bratislava for a full day again. That will be great.

Anyways hope that all is well adn that everyone know that God loves you and that he wants you to be successful even if it may not seem like that at first, he always ALWAYS wants what is best for you.

Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou, 

Starší Asay