Monday, August 11, 2014


hello everybody, 

I hope that all is going well and that everyone is seeing the hand of God in there lives, because HE IS THERE LISTENING.

anyways, This week was rough we didnt get to teach many lessons and we didnt really find very many people but fast sunday was the best one i have ever had. 

Let me Explain. we have about 6 members that come about every other week, and there are two investigators one that has been coming for a while and one that just started coming. We had an investigator say that he was going to come this sunday as well so we should have had including missionaries 13 people at church. guess how many we had 

5 including the missionaries. 

Sister žiškova came and it was just her and us missionaries. five people in a room renewing there covenants with God and bearing testimony of him. It was the best fast and testimony meeting i have ever had. She bore a great testimony of prayer and how she knows God is there, reminder this is our 86 year old been a member since she was 8, member. I also got to hear a great testimony from Elder Clark. He testified of how when two or three are gathered in the name of Christ there shall he be as well. It was amazing. All of us bore testimony in slovak.

our investigator a 16 year old young man named štefan (shtefan) came half way through sunday school as we were talking about the second coming. Because there was no other men besides the missionaries and štefan for priesthood we taught him a lesson. 

It was an amazing lesson about the holy ghost and how to recognize it. This young man is so Elect. He always has great questions and reads and keeps all the commitments, he even commited himself the come to church. We were talking after the lesson and we explained that the feeling of hope that he was getting was the holy ghost and then he was like this is it. we said yes. His response I dont need to see a big angel in front of me or anything like that. this is enough.

As is should be for all. That feeling that comes when you read the Book of Mormon. The peace that you feel whenever you are troubled and ask God for help, that sign is clearer than even an angel would be. That only comes after the trial of our faith though. We learn and grow and God is always there, we cant see him but he is. The question that we need to start with is "will we ignore the call or will we listen and head the call the come follow me and become disiples of Christ?" It is a choice each must make for him or her self but one that will change a life forever. I have made my choice I am a disiple of Jesus Christ my saviour and redeemer. I am not in any way perfect, but because of his atonement I can become as he is, I can learn and grow and even when, because it is a when, i make mistakes i know that i can over come them. As can anyone.

If you havent reviewed this last conference i strongly would like to commit you to do so. The words of living Prophets are the words of the Lord and he wants to help you always.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou

Starší Asay

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