Monday, August 11, 2014


 have been wondering lately what it means to be a concecrated missionary to be truely dedicated to the work and give it your all. What it takes and how can i get there and stay there.
What i have found is that it takes more then just a 2 year commitment of waking up at 630 studying and talking to people, then going to bed at 10 30. It takes more then just changing your behavior. In a talk that our mission president gave us there is a missionary talking to President Callister and in this conversation the young man asked President Callester "'what is it then that you want me to do?' and his respose. 'It is not what i want you to do, it should be what do you want to do?' The young man thought about this for a while, then said, 'You are not asking me to change my behavior you are asking me to change my nature.' He was so right"
-becoming a concesrated missionary. President Callester
To become that which the Lord has asked us to become we need to change our nature. This doesnt only apply to missionary work but the who Gospel of Jesus Christ in all. We are to leave the natural man behind and become what God needs us to be. Because he sees us for so much more then we can see ourselves. We need to give it our all so that when we have given 100% the Lord can give us the rest.
He wont tell us to do anything that we cant. We just need to change our vision on what is possible. In other words, how i like to put it. Gods possibility should be our relistically. God is still a God of miracles and we see those when we start to align our will with his.
These are just some thoughts that i have had these last few weeks and so here they are. I hope everyone is happy and stong.
We had an amazing training this last week all about being specific and simple and it was amazing. I then started reading the Liahona of this last conference with becoming a consecrated missionary in mind and i realised that the start of becoming a consecrated member or missionary or anything really is to accept the call to become a Disiple of Christ. but really it is any amazing honor to take his name upon us at baptism. I am so honored.
I hope that you feel that way to and if you havent been baptised then i hope you concider it. It is so much more then becoming part of this church. It is a way to show God that we are willing to follow his son, Jesus Christ. It is a promise for a new beginning another chance a clean slate, when we are baptised and given the gift of the Holy Ghost we are promised that if we live righteously and according to those covenants then we can progress and become even more like God.
I hope you all know that and review the conference talks often they are amazing. I know God answers prayers. I know he is there and that He loves you and I both. I know that when Joseph Smith went to God and asked in Prayer which church is true, that God and Jesus Christ appeared to him and through Joseph Smith they have restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his true church. God hears you and he will help you
so remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
s laskou
Starší Asay

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