Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week i am at a lost for words. i dont know what to say. My week was way to fast. We had an amazing lesson with a girl about who God is. She almost went to church but then her mom had planned something before so we figured out the night before that she wouldnt be able to go. so that was a bummer.

However, we had an investigator that came to church which was great. We went to her home after wards and she said that she loved it, that it was beautiful and she felt such a peace. She also told me that I have a beautiful voice, she heard me singing because i am the chorister, and that ive got the rythem in me, so that made me smile. The downer is that she also really tried to get us to drink the coffee that we told her we couldnt drink before she started to make it and she just kept going, set it down next to us, and then kept talking to us. at the end she was like you didnt drink your coffee that i made you and me companion goes we told you we wouldnt and she said yes i know. It sounds to me like she was testing us. I think we past.

we also have been planning a concert for everyone in Nitra to come to we just got a place to do it and a day. Our mission president is coming to play his violin to Saviour Redeemer of my soul. my companion is singing a couple numbers and we are all wanting to sing prayer of the children. i dont know what else we are going to sing but it is going to be awesome and it is going to be About CHRIST so it will be amazing.

We had a full day of contacting 6 hours and by the last hour my companion was starting to get down on himself. I had been feeling the wait of 6 hours of contacting and having people tell us they were in a hurry and the wet jacket i had on because about an hour and a half of it was in the rain, but a phrase came to mind just before he started to voice his thoughts. we had an hour left, had been speaking in slovak most if not all the 6 hours, and he was like why are we not getting anything today, we got one number this morning and then nothing? I then told him to "prestan," which means stop in slovak, and that "we still have an hour left and God is still a God of Miracles." we stopped a girl right after that talked to her for a little bit and gave her a card, we didnt get her number or another meeting with her, but we tried and kept going for the rest of the hour.

Sometimes life is hard, the people we are around or the situations that we are in seems to be completely against us. But thats just it, it is moments when it seems like no one is on our team that we realize Christ is there ready to recieve the ball. When we have done all that we can, pushed through till it seems like our end, thats when we need to depend on our faith in christ to make it through. When our bows brake are we going to be like Lamen, Lemuel and all the others and murmur against God? Or will we be like nephi, get up, make a bow and arrow, and pray asking God where should i go and do? if we are like the others we still have the problem and we push God away. When we are like Nephi, we except the situation, know God has a plan, get to work to solve the problem, and ask God for help, knowing we cant do it on our own, bring us closer to God. 1 Nephi 16

I know that life can be hard, but it doesnt always have to be "impossible." In fact it never has to be impossible.

we just need to remember when life gets to hard to stand, then we must kneel, because that is what will bring us closer to Heaven anyways.

thank you for everything

s laskou

Starší Asay  

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