Monday, July 21, 2014


This letter is to you from Nitra, Slovakia.

and to follow up on last week the lesson got moved to Tuesday but it was a good one that i got to teach with Elder Clark another Elder in Nitra because my companion got sick. He has been conjested all week and has still been pushing through the pain to work.

Something that i forgot to tell you last week was that i was in the newspaper here in Nitra. We put an article about families in the paper and had a picture of me and Elder Brousseau talking to a girl that comes to Game night and English. 

This week we had the Zone leaders come and go on Exchange with us and it was cool to be able to work with Elder Ringger again. We got some numbers and we taught to lessons, one of which was a women that set up to meet again today but had to cancel. Thats okay though because we found a family today that we get to call and go visit sometime. 

We taught a great lesson to a kid that had a brother who has been to temple square and this kid met with us and asked all kinda of questions and he is so cool and he wants to meet again but he has to get his parents permission first so i hope he gets it.

Tomorrow we have a training and we get to go to bratislava so that will be fun.

Well i better go so hope you enjoy your day and remember that God wants in order that you are happy.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven.

s laskou,

Starší Asay

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