Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hey everyone, 

This last week of the transfer was probably the best one of the whole transfer. We reached our goal of 14 lessons all together including a family home evening with a less active even though her son was kinda everwhere. 

i guess i will start at the beginning 

Monday p day 

had a great lesson on a bench with a lady that when we told her about nefi going across the sea and about Christ coming to the americas her response was WOW that is new and different but i guess i can believe that, and wow okay i will read that is so new and big but i guess i can believe it. 

Tuesday we had our first member lesson of the transfer and we read with a lady and our less active member who taught with us. 

Wednesday we got to teach an investigator that was a forign exchange student in rexburg idaho. She is awesome and willing to go to church in bratislava because it is easier for her to get there on sundays because she about half way between here and bratislava but the times for busses and trains are better to bratislava on weekends

We also had a lecture that we put a lot of time into but unfortunatly no one came. but thats okay because when ever something like that happens you must stay possitive because right around the corner it gets better.

So thursday we had a lesson with our father man, and had an amazing experience in bratislava. There was an event that we dont usually get in america, you see we had the first president of the general primary, general RS and a member of the quarm of the 70 come and talk to all the members in bratislava and investigators that would come and any other members around slovakia that wanted to come. and since there was an investigator from nitra that wanted to go with us we got to go. They were amazing and talked about how stong a invitation can be. I also got a package from my family that night on the 5th. but right before the actual fireside i got to teach with one of the zone leaders who is headed home wednesday. we had a great first lesson about the book of mormon. and she said she might give it a try and set up with them for tuesday. She also visits her parents who live right outside nitra on weekends so they gave her our number so that we could talk when she wanted to and was at her parents home. 

Thursday Well because we missed our train the night before we had to stay in Bratislava with some other missionaries. that morning i woke up and was able to open up a wonderful package from my family for my birthday. i had myself a good carmel cadbery egg and we were off for the station. we took a train from bratislava to our less active member florians house and i was able to talk to a man for a while who at one point in his life translated from slovak to english and back but said he could remember very little, we talked in a mix of both slovak and english mostly english and he warmed up way fast. 

At florians house he gave us lunch and we had a great lesson about spiritual gifts and temples, He is such an amazing man. He is probably one of my biggest heros that I have met out here on my mission. He is so strong and awesome there is really no one else i would have rather spent my birthday with out here. 

After we visited another less active member who hasent been to church yet and is new for our area, he is from the czech republic and also doesnt have to much money so he hasnt been to church yet but if this sunday is nice then he said that he is more then willing to bike all the hours to get to Nitra for church so i hope that works out for him. 

there really was no other way i would have liked spending my birthday i gave each of them a cadbery egg and didnt tell them it was my birthday because who knows what they would have done for it. 

we finally got home and it was hot and we were sweating and smelled gross but felt successful. i took a shower opened an open when letter and was suprized to find torn up pieces of streamers attack our table 4 candles and 2 balloon. 

We made hulušky and that was my cake i also had a loooooooooooot of candy so i felt like crap until i went to bed which is always a sign of a candy filled birthday i guess my tolerence for lots of sugar has gone down. oh well. 

the rest of the week was normal but on saterday we got a call from president McConkie about transfers so guess where i am writing you from this time.......... are you ready for it............. Nitraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya wooooooooooooooo. anyways my new comp. is an elder named Elder Utley, he was in my first area before me, he had left me a little candy bar and note my first night it slovakia. He served a zone leader for my first 2 transfers and he is the best singer in the state of oregon where he is from. He is also the Best slovak speaker that is in the mission so by the end of this transfer i will be able to speak a lot better.

I am also excited that my MTC Comp. is in my district Elder Brousseau not the one from hurricane.

anyways i am really excited for this next transfer i think it will be way great.

well i am leaving with my testimony,

ja viem že boh existuje. viem že on nas miluje. a chce aby sme boli štastnejší. viem že počuje naše modlitby. Posnam že Ježiš Kristus je szn Boží. a pre nas trpel a uzmieril. Cez uymierrenie Ježiša Krista možeme žiť s bohom. Viem že Joseph Smith Bol povolany Bohom. A Prezident Tomas S. Monson je prorok na zemi. Joseph smith videl boha a jeho syna Ježiša krista. Kniha Mormonova je dalšie Svedectvo o Ježišoví Kristoví, A pracuje s bibliou aby svedčili o boha. Boh nam dal Ducha Sväteho aby sme mali pomoc. Bude nas utešiť a nam svedči o Pravde. 
a tento viem.

V Mene Ježiša Krista Amen.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou 
Starší Asay

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