Thursday, July 3, 2014


Im on the good computer, so now I can do this ??????????
So if you didnt know the slovak key board is not the same and the english key board so I dont know how to do question marks on that one. but his computer has a swich for an english keyboard so its all good.
Anyways hope this finds you all užanie
This week has been a good one we did a lot of travel this week. We travel between the towns that are in the Nitra area so that we can visit members and investigators. This week we had a surprise trip to Florians which lives the furthest away and then an investigator 45 minutes away the next day and then a member another 45 minutes away on firday. It was really cool though because we got to talk to some guys from spain on the train ride to the member on friday. We talked about the book of mormon and walked through the pictures in front with them ending with the Golden Plates and Moroni and they were like what about the bible, we told them we believe in that as well, and then they asked if Kniha Mormonova was in english and my comp. goes well ya but we dont have a copy with us right now. I was like oh wait I do have one.  and I pulled out my quad. and the guy sitting across from me was shocked then I showed him that it was the bible and the book of mormon in one and he seemed okay after that. I knew there was a reason that I got a quad.
Anyways this week has been a good one we met with that lady that walked up to us and asked about the bible that we are giving away. The copy we gave her, she gave to her daughter and he daughter started reading it and loves it, she then asked for another copy to give her son, and we will be giving her her own copy this next week. It is amazing, there are people out there really looking for the truth and once they find it they want to share it with so many others.
This week is the last week of the transfer and we have on plan to just keep working through it. I really think that we will see an increase in the people we teach and the people that chose to come closer to God. I hope it all works out.
Sorry my thoughts are kind of everywhere this week. With the new trasfer coming up and the fact that I could train this next transfer and all kinds of stuff, which leads into my spiritual thought.
Have you ever been asked to do something hard, maybe long, something that just seems impossible? How about heal the sick, cure the deaf, raise the Dead, take on every single humans sins? I want you to know that God lives, he is with us through the Holy Ghost every day. I want you to know that Christ yes even Jesus Christ lives. He did the impossible, he overcame not only sin but death, He is the light and the living water, he is our saviour. Because of Christ nothing is impossible. I testify that God doesnt give a commandment unless he will provide a way. That when he asks us to do it we can do it. I promise this to you. I know I dont know this language the best or even very well, but you know what I do know is that if This saturday my Mission president called me and said Elder Asay I want you to train the 1 new Elder coming to slovakia this next transfer I will say okay I will do it when do you want me in prague?... and then I will say can I come early to get a blessing from you but thats besides the point. In otherwards I want you know that when we have faith we know that the Lord will provide a way, he doesnt set us up to fail, he loves us to much to do that, and He is always right there like with peter reaching out his hand saying yes of course you can walk on water I am here to help you, just believe and do. 

Prayer works, Miracles happen, and Faith leads to action. I say these things in the name of the man whom I represent, even Jesus Christ, Amen.
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways,
s laskou
Starší Asay
P.s. you thought I forgot. I left you a commitment last week, yes you staring at the screen about the go back to last weeks letter and see what it was. :) anyways my commitment was to bear your testimony in church, did you do it, did you share the light you had? if not thats okay there is a reason it is every month, anyways I cant say anything because I didnt ... anyways I still want to hear your testimony I had one friend send hers in and it helped me a lot. I would like to hear yours as well please. 

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