Thursday, July 3, 2014


You may be asking your self how is Elder Asay doing?... or maybe not... well i can tell you anyways right?
This week was the first week of my fourth transfer
Monday was great
Tuesday we had our first District meeting as a District and that was good and all about unity.
Wednesday we had some service in the morning and then some planning on how to get people to come to English the next week.
Thursday was the real head start of the week we had a great lesson with oh less active member sister stopkova and she told us about how she does really want to be able to go to the temple, we talked about how covenants fit into the plan of salvation. right after we had Coordination meeting and the new elders got to meet the Group leader here in Nitra. Then we had game night with an investigator and that was good we just have a night that we invite people to come play some games and this investigator who the other Elders are teaching came and we played games and i share some jelly beans with everyone and we had Kofala and then the other elders ended with a great spiritual thought.
Friday we stopped by an investigators how and we were going to have a lesson with her but she talked the whole time and we werent really able to get a full sentence about the gosple in. she then told us about how she started selling cleaning supplies and asked us if we needed any, we told her that we had everything that we needed already, then she was like well you probably want to talk about mormons book hey, and we told her well we have to go but next time we would love to and she said for sure. It was good for my companion to get to know her though and he got to share his family picture with her and everything he is the 7th of 8 children.
Saturday after we got home at 7 to do some calls i went to wash my hands or something and noticed something splashing on my foot... i looked under the sink and the pipe was leaking... so what do we do... we get a bucked and towel and put it under the pipe and call it good until morning. the next morning the towel is soaked completely through and the bucket is only about half way full... long story short we invented a brilliant thing that moved the water from off the wall and into the bucket using tape and some sticky putty stuff that we found in the appartment for hanging up pictures. we called our land lord and he is coming by to look at it today so hope that works out.
Well as you can probably tell this week we had a lot of contacting people on the streets it was really Hot for the first few days i think between 95 and 100 and we were in our dress slacks and white shirts trying to talk to people, but it cooled down about thursday and more people were willing to talk to us. it was weird we had some people that we stopped that were like no no thank you no and they stood there and then were like you are mormons right and we said yes we are and this lady was like thank you but no and she continued on her way. It was way cool that people are starting to realize that we aren't Jehovahs Witnesses and that we are Mormons and that is a big step for the people here in Nitra.

I just have a short thought this week. Something my comp. said this week was very interesting. He told me of this quote or something that was something like this. When you have a problem like a pebble you have to ways of looking at it. You can hold it up to you eye and it becomes all that you see and focus on, you obsesse over it, it becomes all you care about. Well then what should you do? Through it on the ground, because as it hits the ground you my know it is still there and you still deal with it but you can see so much more you can figure out how to deal with it, you can see the bigger picture. so my commitment to you this week it to do that if you have a problem that is in your like right now, take a step back, look at the bigger picture try to figure our a solution and then tell Heavenly Father what the problem is, the solution you have come up with, then ask him if it is right and or if it is not help you figure out another way then go and do. Show the Lord you are willing to do what he needs you to do.
remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.
s laskou,

Starší Asay

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