Thursday, July 3, 2014


This week was a good week and though it may not seem like it the Lords hand is always in your life.
I want to start off with a miracle day that we had a little while ago
in the morning had a lesson on plan. Taught this awesome guy names Lucaš. He is a family man that loves us missionaries and loves the family a proclamation to the world. We started to teach him the plan of salvation and we were able to answer his questions, we only got half way through because we had to end early so we could go on finding exchanges with the other elders in Nitra.
On that exchange we found a way cool guy that is athiest but that wants to meet and find out how we know that God is there and how he can know as well... DING DING THE BOOK OF MORMON.
Needless to say we got his number and he told us to call this friday so that is what we will do.
we talked to a lot of people and got another number then as we were going to go into the church building we decided to go the long way around and talk to the couple other people that we can see. The first lady we talked to was interested in the Book of Mormon we testified exchanged numbers gave her a copy and set up a time for another meeting.
Then we were contacting later that day and an older lady came up to us at a stop light and was like what are you giving to people a bible or something. We then explained what it was and she was like great so who is going to give it to me, because both me and Elder Ringger had a copy of the book of Mormon out, I gave her mine and we all crossed the street together. she then gave us her number and her address and said to call anytime and if she doesnt answer it is because her son has the phone and we can just come on by and talk to her. we are going by tomorrow.
as we walked across the street we raised our vision to get at least one more number before we head to the building to teach family history. The LORD provided. The next girl we talked to talked about how her sister had some friends like us, missionaries that served here before I can out, and how they were cool. She said she wanted to meet and learn more, we exchanged numbers and we will be setting up a time to meet tomorrow or this week.
We also had 10 people at church this week it was so awesome. and with them we were missing a member that cant make it every week because he can pay for the travel but he is so awesome. Let me tell you about him. This man, named florian, would do anything and has done so much for anyone. He was a preacher at two different churches before finding ours and he knows without any doubt that this church is true. He  just recieved the higher priesthood and is one of the most solid members I know. he would give the shirt off his back for anyone, infact when it was raining when we got to him he gave us his umbrella, because neither of us brought ours, and he wouldnt let us give it back to him until we were inside. He lives a long ways away and travels almost two hours every sunday to come to church switching from bus to train and the times for both at terrible on sundays so he goes through a lot just to come to church. He is so amazing, oh did I mention that he doesnt know slovak, he knows a little here and there but when he gives talks he has another member translate into hungarian for him. he knows enough to talk to missionaries, infact he probably knows about as much as me. He is an amazing man.
well thats just a few of the miracles from this week just thought I would let you know.

Miracles happen people are ready it all just takes a little hope.
Which brings me to my thought. I was studying hope this morning and something came into my head that I feel like I should share.
Hope is a drive to do something. it is more than just words. It is a desire to have a certain outcome happen. It is a part of having faith. It is a part of prayer, a part of answers, and a part of life. As Preach my Gospel says "It is abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises to you." With hope we are confident. optimistic, enthusiastic, and are patient, having faith or hope that the Lord has a plan. I know it, I have seen it, and I came to know because I had hope that it was true and that I could get an answer from God that it was.
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.
s laskou
Starší Asay

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