Monday, July 21, 2014

Pictures 7-21-2014 From Nitra

my birthday cake was halušky

the joy when your breadstick recipe can make cinnimon roles

Hello :)

A Piece of the Castle we went to today


This letter is to you from Nitra, Slovakia.

and to follow up on last week the lesson got moved to Tuesday but it was a good one that i got to teach with Elder Clark another Elder in Nitra because my companion got sick. He has been conjested all week and has still been pushing through the pain to work.

Something that i forgot to tell you last week was that i was in the newspaper here in Nitra. We put an article about families in the paper and had a picture of me and Elder Brousseau talking to a girl that comes to Game night and English. 

This week we had the Zone leaders come and go on Exchange with us and it was cool to be able to work with Elder Ringger again. We got some numbers and we taught to lessons, one of which was a women that set up to meet again today but had to cancel. Thats okay though because we found a family today that we get to call and go visit sometime. 

We taught a great lesson to a kid that had a brother who has been to temple square and this kid met with us and asked all kinda of questions and he is so cool and he wants to meet again but he has to get his parents permission first so i hope he gets it.

Tomorrow we have a training and we get to go to bratislava so that will be fun.

Well i better go so hope you enjoy your day and remember that God wants in order that you are happy.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven.

s laskou,

Starší Asay


So this week we are short on time because we went on a vylet (little trip) with the Group leader here in Nitra. We went and saw some castle ruins that were way cool. I will send pictures next week hopefully if i remember.

Anyways, We had a great week we met with some awesome people that are actually quite close to the truth. They have a lot of the same views. There are some really prepared people here i am just trying to figure out how to teach them all that we have.

This week all the days started off feeling warm and humid but then it would rain and it would be great. it has been in the 80 degree range but clouds are wonderful things. However this week we are supposed to get into the 90s. i know that thats nothing compared to where you all are but hey it is dry there.

We have quite a few lessons on plan already for this next week. I am excited to get going. It will be good. I hope i can tell you all about them next week.

Well hope this finds you well sorry it is not really all that informative but i have to write my mission president still and have to be done by 5 so that we can do our weekly shopping and teach a lesson at 6 so i got to go.

I hope you always remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,
Starší Asay

Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week i am at a lost for words. i dont know what to say. My week was way to fast. We had an amazing lesson with a girl about who God is. She almost went to church but then her mom had planned something before so we figured out the night before that she wouldnt be able to go. so that was a bummer.

However, we had an investigator that came to church which was great. We went to her home after wards and she said that she loved it, that it was beautiful and she felt such a peace. She also told me that I have a beautiful voice, she heard me singing because i am the chorister, and that ive got the rythem in me, so that made me smile. The downer is that she also really tried to get us to drink the coffee that we told her we couldnt drink before she started to make it and she just kept going, set it down next to us, and then kept talking to us. at the end she was like you didnt drink your coffee that i made you and me companion goes we told you we wouldnt and she said yes i know. It sounds to me like she was testing us. I think we past.

we also have been planning a concert for everyone in Nitra to come to we just got a place to do it and a day. Our mission president is coming to play his violin to Saviour Redeemer of my soul. my companion is singing a couple numbers and we are all wanting to sing prayer of the children. i dont know what else we are going to sing but it is going to be awesome and it is going to be About CHRIST so it will be amazing.

We had a full day of contacting 6 hours and by the last hour my companion was starting to get down on himself. I had been feeling the wait of 6 hours of contacting and having people tell us they were in a hurry and the wet jacket i had on because about an hour and a half of it was in the rain, but a phrase came to mind just before he started to voice his thoughts. we had an hour left, had been speaking in slovak most if not all the 6 hours, and he was like why are we not getting anything today, we got one number this morning and then nothing? I then told him to "prestan," which means stop in slovak, and that "we still have an hour left and God is still a God of Miracles." we stopped a girl right after that talked to her for a little bit and gave her a card, we didnt get her number or another meeting with her, but we tried and kept going for the rest of the hour.

Sometimes life is hard, the people we are around or the situations that we are in seems to be completely against us. But thats just it, it is moments when it seems like no one is on our team that we realize Christ is there ready to recieve the ball. When we have done all that we can, pushed through till it seems like our end, thats when we need to depend on our faith in christ to make it through. When our bows brake are we going to be like Lamen, Lemuel and all the others and murmur against God? Or will we be like nephi, get up, make a bow and arrow, and pray asking God where should i go and do? if we are like the others we still have the problem and we push God away. When we are like Nephi, we except the situation, know God has a plan, get to work to solve the problem, and ask God for help, knowing we cant do it on our own, bring us closer to God. 1 Nephi 16

I know that life can be hard, but it doesnt always have to be "impossible." In fact it never has to be impossible.

we just need to remember when life gets to hard to stand, then we must kneel, because that is what will bring us closer to Heaven anyways.

thank you for everything

s laskou

Starší Asay  

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hello again from Nitra and from the little library here.
I hope that all is going great in your life and that you can feel the saviours love every day.
We found some great people this last week and had some really great lessons. I had the chance to go on an exchange with Elder Brousseau who was my MTC Companion and that was way cool. The best part about it was the fact that we had two great talks with this girl that comes to Game night and English. She is way cool and she always has questions for us.
another lesson we had was with some less active members. This family is a young family that has two children that are so cool. the kids speak both English and slovak and they are way cool. As we talked about prayer the spirit got really strong. They havent come back to church yet but as the church grows here and as they see how the members supports one another, they will come back. They are planning on it.
anyways i want to close with something i came up with. I know its kinda of cheese but i was reading the scriptures and these stories came to mind so i wrote this down just a thought what would it have been like to be in there place?
What would it be like?

What would it be like 
one step at a time
to be pushed into the flames
that have taken so many lives 
all because you would not bow 
or forsake what you knew
then to look up and see 
The son of God delivering you
What would it have been like 
to take the first step 
him telling you you can 
then to have the winds grow strong
and start to lose hope
reaching out crying
lord give me your hand
then to look up and see
him standing right there
reaching out
to give you all that he can
what would it be like 
chained up head to foot 
brought before a king
who wants you to deny everything
then to start to testify
to know your end is near
yet feeling a peace having no fear
this is what its like 
to know it's true 
to know that all you do 
is for him 
who has given all to you
This is what it's like
to testify of him
who for us died 
and rose again
This is what it's like
one step at a time 
to see the lives
of those he loves 
to be in his place 
reaching out your hand
telling them they can
all it takes is one step at a time 
to reach out your hand 
to look up, and stand
and know he has a plan.

I hope all is well.
remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.
s laskou
Starší Asay


oh what a Beautiful Day and what an amazing time to be a servant for the Lord.

I want you to know that i would never change where I am at this point in my life for anywhere else doing anything else.

Let me start with a story. 
We contacted a man by the street the other day and when we stopped him he just said "Do you really think that this is the best thing you could be doing right now?" not understanding i stayed quiet, but Elder Utley said "Yes." Then the man walked away. Right after I asked Elder Utley what the man had said, when he told me i said yes it is the best thing saving souls. However as the week went on i pondered on that question, and i knew that this is the best time and place for me to be, i may never be able to give this much to Heavenly Fathers children again, at least not in this way. 

Then as we were contacting yesterday, we stopped a women, i told her we were from america and that we were here to talk about a book and you know what she said? In perfect inglish she said wow you speak beautiful slovak, and then in slovak go on. We were so taken aback that we just kinda stood there for a second, then we continued and talked with her in English for the next half hour. She wanted to know why we were here and what our message was about, about how are members live if they live thier religion or just go to church and then home. She wanted to know if we were genuine about our religion we talked more and gave her a book of mormon. She said she needed peace and joy in her life and that she feels like she could find it around the people of our church. We told her she can and that if she reads the Book of Mormon then she can feel it as well. She just had a baby and she said she doesnt have time to meet but when she heads back to Ireland in a month or so that she will definatly look us up and go to church. She wanted to give us something and we said if you will read that book and contact missionaries when you get back there that is all we ask. she took the commitment and said that the People of Slovakia need us here. She also said that she wished that she wouldnt have spoken english so she could hear our slovak more, and so we continued in slovak to tell her about our church service and about how she can contact us if she has time to meet. She walked away with a smile and a hope and i walked away knowing that i would rather not be anywhere else doing anything else. 

we had a great training last week with President Teixeira from the 70 and he told us this story of his son and his mission and how when we found out where he was going he looked up the facts on the mission, they only taught about 5 lessons a week. He then made his son promise that they would teach 21 lessons his first week there so that his Dad didnt worry about him on his mission. He told his companion about this promise right as he put his suit cases in the door and they took the next two hour to plan out how they were going to do this. they hung up the car keys and decided to walk everywhere. By the End of the week guess what they did it. so this week we have a goal of 21 lessons to teach to investigators. It is going to take a lot of hard work but it will be so worth it. 

Thank you to those who have sent me there testimonys i love reading them and everytime i do i can feel the spirit and it helps me know of more things to tell these people on the street. so thank you.

I would like to close with a thought. I want you to know that God loves you, he hears you prayers and wants to help you. i want you to know that there are others that dont know that, and they see you, they see how you act different, they see how you are different, and they wonder why. They want to be that happy they want that light that you give off. they want that joy. Missionaries cant do this work alone, it is something that everyone needs to help with. I want you to know that as i send this to you i am talking to YOU. You have been intrusted with the Light of Christ and the Knowledge there of, with a joy and a knowledge that no one else knows. You have spiritual gifts that can make you stronger than you can ever know because they are of God. I want you to know that if you havent read and prayed about the Book of Mormon to see if it is true lately, that you should, that you can and will recieve an answer if you are willing to search for it and find it and act upon it. I know he lives and because he lives you and i will live again too. I hope that this finds you in health. 

please remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,

starší Asay


You may be asking your self how is Elder Asay doing?... or maybe not... well i can tell you anyways right?
This week was the first week of my fourth transfer
Monday was great
Tuesday we had our first District meeting as a District and that was good and all about unity.
Wednesday we had some service in the morning and then some planning on how to get people to come to English the next week.
Thursday was the real head start of the week we had a great lesson with oh less active member sister stopkova and she told us about how she does really want to be able to go to the temple, we talked about how covenants fit into the plan of salvation. right after we had Coordination meeting and the new elders got to meet the Group leader here in Nitra. Then we had game night with an investigator and that was good we just have a night that we invite people to come play some games and this investigator who the other Elders are teaching came and we played games and i share some jelly beans with everyone and we had Kofala and then the other elders ended with a great spiritual thought.
Friday we stopped by an investigators how and we were going to have a lesson with her but she talked the whole time and we werent really able to get a full sentence about the gosple in. she then told us about how she started selling cleaning supplies and asked us if we needed any, we told her that we had everything that we needed already, then she was like well you probably want to talk about mormons book hey, and we told her well we have to go but next time we would love to and she said for sure. It was good for my companion to get to know her though and he got to share his family picture with her and everything he is the 7th of 8 children.
Saturday after we got home at 7 to do some calls i went to wash my hands or something and noticed something splashing on my foot... i looked under the sink and the pipe was leaking... so what do we do... we get a bucked and towel and put it under the pipe and call it good until morning. the next morning the towel is soaked completely through and the bucket is only about half way full... long story short we invented a brilliant thing that moved the water from off the wall and into the bucket using tape and some sticky putty stuff that we found in the appartment for hanging up pictures. we called our land lord and he is coming by to look at it today so hope that works out.
Well as you can probably tell this week we had a lot of contacting people on the streets it was really Hot for the first few days i think between 95 and 100 and we were in our dress slacks and white shirts trying to talk to people, but it cooled down about thursday and more people were willing to talk to us. it was weird we had some people that we stopped that were like no no thank you no and they stood there and then were like you are mormons right and we said yes we are and this lady was like thank you but no and she continued on her way. It was way cool that people are starting to realize that we aren't Jehovahs Witnesses and that we are Mormons and that is a big step for the people here in Nitra.

I just have a short thought this week. Something my comp. said this week was very interesting. He told me of this quote or something that was something like this. When you have a problem like a pebble you have to ways of looking at it. You can hold it up to you eye and it becomes all that you see and focus on, you obsesse over it, it becomes all you care about. Well then what should you do? Through it on the ground, because as it hits the ground you my know it is still there and you still deal with it but you can see so much more you can figure out how to deal with it, you can see the bigger picture. so my commitment to you this week it to do that if you have a problem that is in your like right now, take a step back, look at the bigger picture try to figure our a solution and then tell Heavenly Father what the problem is, the solution you have come up with, then ask him if it is right and or if it is not help you figure out another way then go and do. Show the Lord you are willing to do what he needs you to do.
remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.
s laskou,

Starší Asay


Hey everyone, 

This last week of the transfer was probably the best one of the whole transfer. We reached our goal of 14 lessons all together including a family home evening with a less active even though her son was kinda everwhere. 

i guess i will start at the beginning 

Monday p day 

had a great lesson on a bench with a lady that when we told her about nefi going across the sea and about Christ coming to the americas her response was WOW that is new and different but i guess i can believe that, and wow okay i will read that is so new and big but i guess i can believe it. 

Tuesday we had our first member lesson of the transfer and we read with a lady and our less active member who taught with us. 

Wednesday we got to teach an investigator that was a forign exchange student in rexburg idaho. She is awesome and willing to go to church in bratislava because it is easier for her to get there on sundays because she about half way between here and bratislava but the times for busses and trains are better to bratislava on weekends

We also had a lecture that we put a lot of time into but unfortunatly no one came. but thats okay because when ever something like that happens you must stay possitive because right around the corner it gets better.

So thursday we had a lesson with our father man, and had an amazing experience in bratislava. There was an event that we dont usually get in america, you see we had the first president of the general primary, general RS and a member of the quarm of the 70 come and talk to all the members in bratislava and investigators that would come and any other members around slovakia that wanted to come. and since there was an investigator from nitra that wanted to go with us we got to go. They were amazing and talked about how stong a invitation can be. I also got a package from my family that night on the 5th. but right before the actual fireside i got to teach with one of the zone leaders who is headed home wednesday. we had a great first lesson about the book of mormon. and she said she might give it a try and set up with them for tuesday. She also visits her parents who live right outside nitra on weekends so they gave her our number so that we could talk when she wanted to and was at her parents home. 

Thursday Well because we missed our train the night before we had to stay in Bratislava with some other missionaries. that morning i woke up and was able to open up a wonderful package from my family for my birthday. i had myself a good carmel cadbery egg and we were off for the station. we took a train from bratislava to our less active member florians house and i was able to talk to a man for a while who at one point in his life translated from slovak to english and back but said he could remember very little, we talked in a mix of both slovak and english mostly english and he warmed up way fast. 

At florians house he gave us lunch and we had a great lesson about spiritual gifts and temples, He is such an amazing man. He is probably one of my biggest heros that I have met out here on my mission. He is so strong and awesome there is really no one else i would have rather spent my birthday with out here. 

After we visited another less active member who hasent been to church yet and is new for our area, he is from the czech republic and also doesnt have to much money so he hasnt been to church yet but if this sunday is nice then he said that he is more then willing to bike all the hours to get to Nitra for church so i hope that works out for him. 

there really was no other way i would have liked spending my birthday i gave each of them a cadbery egg and didnt tell them it was my birthday because who knows what they would have done for it. 

we finally got home and it was hot and we were sweating and smelled gross but felt successful. i took a shower opened an open when letter and was suprized to find torn up pieces of streamers attack our table 4 candles and 2 balloon. 

We made hulušky and that was my cake i also had a loooooooooooot of candy so i felt like crap until i went to bed which is always a sign of a candy filled birthday i guess my tolerence for lots of sugar has gone down. oh well. 

the rest of the week was normal but on saterday we got a call from president McConkie about transfers so guess where i am writing you from this time.......... are you ready for it............. Nitraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya wooooooooooooooo. anyways my new comp. is an elder named Elder Utley, he was in my first area before me, he had left me a little candy bar and note my first night it slovakia. He served a zone leader for my first 2 transfers and he is the best singer in the state of oregon where he is from. He is also the Best slovak speaker that is in the mission so by the end of this transfer i will be able to speak a lot better.

I am also excited that my MTC Comp. is in my district Elder Brousseau not the one from hurricane.

anyways i am really excited for this next transfer i think it will be way great.

well i am leaving with my testimony,

ja viem že boh existuje. viem že on nas miluje. a chce aby sme boli štastnejší. viem že počuje naše modlitby. Posnam že Ježiš Kristus je szn Boží. a pre nas trpel a uzmieril. Cez uymierrenie Ježiša Krista možeme žiť s bohom. Viem že Joseph Smith Bol povolany Bohom. A Prezident Tomas S. Monson je prorok na zemi. Joseph smith videl boha a jeho syna Ježiša krista. Kniha Mormonova je dalšie Svedectvo o Ježišoví Kristoví, A pracuje s bibliou aby svedčili o boha. Boh nam dal Ducha Sväteho aby sme mali pomoc. Bude nas utešiť a nam svedči o Pravde. 
a tento viem.

V Mene Ježiša Krista Amen.

remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou 
Starší Asay


Im on the good computer, so now I can do this ??????????
So if you didnt know the slovak key board is not the same and the english key board so I dont know how to do question marks on that one. but his computer has a swich for an english keyboard so its all good.
Anyways hope this finds you all užanie
This week has been a good one we did a lot of travel this week. We travel between the towns that are in the Nitra area so that we can visit members and investigators. This week we had a surprise trip to Florians which lives the furthest away and then an investigator 45 minutes away the next day and then a member another 45 minutes away on firday. It was really cool though because we got to talk to some guys from spain on the train ride to the member on friday. We talked about the book of mormon and walked through the pictures in front with them ending with the Golden Plates and Moroni and they were like what about the bible, we told them we believe in that as well, and then they asked if Kniha Mormonova was in english and my comp. goes well ya but we dont have a copy with us right now. I was like oh wait I do have one.  and I pulled out my quad. and the guy sitting across from me was shocked then I showed him that it was the bible and the book of mormon in one and he seemed okay after that. I knew there was a reason that I got a quad.
Anyways this week has been a good one we met with that lady that walked up to us and asked about the bible that we are giving away. The copy we gave her, she gave to her daughter and he daughter started reading it and loves it, she then asked for another copy to give her son, and we will be giving her her own copy this next week. It is amazing, there are people out there really looking for the truth and once they find it they want to share it with so many others.
This week is the last week of the transfer and we have on plan to just keep working through it. I really think that we will see an increase in the people we teach and the people that chose to come closer to God. I hope it all works out.
Sorry my thoughts are kind of everywhere this week. With the new trasfer coming up and the fact that I could train this next transfer and all kinds of stuff, which leads into my spiritual thought.
Have you ever been asked to do something hard, maybe long, something that just seems impossible? How about heal the sick, cure the deaf, raise the Dead, take on every single humans sins? I want you to know that God lives, he is with us through the Holy Ghost every day. I want you to know that Christ yes even Jesus Christ lives. He did the impossible, he overcame not only sin but death, He is the light and the living water, he is our saviour. Because of Christ nothing is impossible. I testify that God doesnt give a commandment unless he will provide a way. That when he asks us to do it we can do it. I promise this to you. I know I dont know this language the best or even very well, but you know what I do know is that if This saturday my Mission president called me and said Elder Asay I want you to train the 1 new Elder coming to slovakia this next transfer I will say okay I will do it when do you want me in prague?... and then I will say can I come early to get a blessing from you but thats besides the point. In otherwards I want you know that when we have faith we know that the Lord will provide a way, he doesnt set us up to fail, he loves us to much to do that, and He is always right there like with peter reaching out his hand saying yes of course you can walk on water I am here to help you, just believe and do. 

Prayer works, Miracles happen, and Faith leads to action. I say these things in the name of the man whom I represent, even Jesus Christ, Amen.
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways,
s laskou
Starší Asay
P.s. you thought I forgot. I left you a commitment last week, yes you staring at the screen about the go back to last weeks letter and see what it was. :) anyways my commitment was to bear your testimony in church, did you do it, did you share the light you had? if not thats okay there is a reason it is every month, anyways I cant say anything because I didnt ... anyways I still want to hear your testimony I had one friend send hers in and it helped me a lot. I would like to hear yours as well please. 


This week was a good week and though it may not seem like it the Lords hand is always in your life.
I want to start off with a miracle day that we had a little while ago
in the morning had a lesson on plan. Taught this awesome guy names Lucaš. He is a family man that loves us missionaries and loves the family a proclamation to the world. We started to teach him the plan of salvation and we were able to answer his questions, we only got half way through because we had to end early so we could go on finding exchanges with the other elders in Nitra.
On that exchange we found a way cool guy that is athiest but that wants to meet and find out how we know that God is there and how he can know as well... DING DING THE BOOK OF MORMON.
Needless to say we got his number and he told us to call this friday so that is what we will do.
we talked to a lot of people and got another number then as we were going to go into the church building we decided to go the long way around and talk to the couple other people that we can see. The first lady we talked to was interested in the Book of Mormon we testified exchanged numbers gave her a copy and set up a time for another meeting.
Then we were contacting later that day and an older lady came up to us at a stop light and was like what are you giving to people a bible or something. We then explained what it was and she was like great so who is going to give it to me, because both me and Elder Ringger had a copy of the book of Mormon out, I gave her mine and we all crossed the street together. she then gave us her number and her address and said to call anytime and if she doesnt answer it is because her son has the phone and we can just come on by and talk to her. we are going by tomorrow.
as we walked across the street we raised our vision to get at least one more number before we head to the building to teach family history. The LORD provided. The next girl we talked to talked about how her sister had some friends like us, missionaries that served here before I can out, and how they were cool. She said she wanted to meet and learn more, we exchanged numbers and we will be setting up a time to meet tomorrow or this week.
We also had 10 people at church this week it was so awesome. and with them we were missing a member that cant make it every week because he can pay for the travel but he is so awesome. Let me tell you about him. This man, named florian, would do anything and has done so much for anyone. He was a preacher at two different churches before finding ours and he knows without any doubt that this church is true. He  just recieved the higher priesthood and is one of the most solid members I know. he would give the shirt off his back for anyone, infact when it was raining when we got to him he gave us his umbrella, because neither of us brought ours, and he wouldnt let us give it back to him until we were inside. He lives a long ways away and travels almost two hours every sunday to come to church switching from bus to train and the times for both at terrible on sundays so he goes through a lot just to come to church. He is so amazing, oh did I mention that he doesnt know slovak, he knows a little here and there but when he gives talks he has another member translate into hungarian for him. he knows enough to talk to missionaries, infact he probably knows about as much as me. He is an amazing man.
well thats just a few of the miracles from this week just thought I would let you know.

Miracles happen people are ready it all just takes a little hope.
Which brings me to my thought. I was studying hope this morning and something came into my head that I feel like I should share.
Hope is a drive to do something. it is more than just words. It is a desire to have a certain outcome happen. It is a part of having faith. It is a part of prayer, a part of answers, and a part of life. As Preach my Gospel says "It is abiding trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises to you." With hope we are confident. optimistic, enthusiastic, and are patient, having faith or hope that the Lord has a plan. I know it, I have seen it, and I came to know because I had hope that it was true and that I could get an answer from God that it was.
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.
s laskou
Starší Asay


Well Well Well the start of Week 5........... WOW these days go by so fast.
This last week a lot of our lessons fell through, but we had a great Family Home Evening with a member, who is a single mom and whos son has is very intergetic. It is often really hard to teach a lesson so we usually go outside and play soccer or something with him and then have a spiritual thought. This week though we decided to try something. we decided to help her gain something to progress to. As we sat down, we decided to start off with the spiritual thought first. We sat down with her while her son was outside with her mother, and talked a little bit about the temple. We asked her if she had been to the temple and she said no but she wanted to she just always had to spend her time with her son. We gave our spiritual thought on how some of the first steps were to read and pray everyday. She said she would and that we could meet while her son was at school and talk about the temple and what she needs to do to get there. I am so excited for these lessons and to see how this can really help her change her life toward the way Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want her to live again.
We ran into a guy on the street the other day that is awesome. We talked for a while and he told us of how he would say he is a believer because he looks for Gods hand everyday in his life, in every meeting with every person, even ours. He said he could see it in ours and that he would love to talk more about it, but he couldnt until september because he had tests to finish school and them he is doing humanitarien work for the whole summer so he wouldnt be in Nitra. We gave him a Book of Mormon and our number and he said that he would read it and that he would call us if he ever had any free time. He said he wants to meet in september so we will see whole is here in Nitra in september i guess.
It has been a week of miracles, and this next week I get to see where Slovakia was dedicated for missionary work. In Trencin. it will be so cool.
I wanted to close with a spiritual thought, I have really learned something here on my mission, from the people I see, to those I teach, to those that are members. That this gospel in one of change on our part. Heavenly Father knows that we are not perfect and he knows what we can become. Two quotes I read this week as I was thinking of people in my life that I have seen this in and that I am seeing it in. 
"We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. Although we might settle for less, Heavenly Father wont, for he sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming." -
"The gosple of Jesus Christ is a gosple of transformation. It takes us as men and women and refines us into men and women for the eternities." - Joseph B. Wirthlin
I know this is true. God wont make us do anything, but he will help us to Everything that we need to to return and live with him. Though times get hard, live is rough, school is stressful and so is work. He loves you, he wants to help you, he will do anything for you. I hope you know this.
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.
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